Spy x Family Episode 8 Preview Images And Release Time

Spy x Family episode 8 will finally introduce Yor’s brother, Yuri Briar to the Spy Family. In the previous episode of the series, we saw Anya realizing that school is going to be quite scary, but she still gathered the courage to apologize to Damian Desmond. Although, the apology didn’t go according to the plan, but the Operation Strix still seems to be on track.

In the post credit scene, we got a glimpse of Yor’s little brother, Yuri, who has no idea about Yor and Loid’s marriage. Kensho Ono will be voicing Yuri. He is known for the roles of Floch (Attack on Titan), Giorno (JoJo Bizarre Adventures), and Kuroko (Kuroko no basket).

The official Twitter account of Spy x Family anime has posted preview images for episode 8, which is titled “Secret Police Camaflouge Operation”.

Spy x Family episode 8 is scheduled to premiere on upcoming Saturday, on May 28 at 11:30 Japan Standard Time. As far as the international audience is concerned, Crunchyroll and Netflix are streaming the episodes in selected regions of North America, Australia and Europe. Muse Asia is streaming the episdoes on YouTube for free for South Asian region.

Time Left In Episode Release


The Spy x Family anime is based on a manga of the same name, written and drawn by Tatsuya Endo. The manga series has been serialized in Shonen Jump+ since March 2019. The anime adaptation is being produced by Studio Cloverworks and Wit. The first season of the anime is listed with 25 episodes, which will be released in two parts. The first part having 12 episodes is being released this season, while the second part of 13 episodes will be released in Fall 2022 (October-December).


Spy x Family is a story about a spy who has a mission that requires a certain requirement and that is to have a family as a disguise. His hired family seems to be normal; however, he didn’t realize that both his daughter and fake wife are hiding a secret. His daughter being a mind reader and his wife as an assassin will make the story feel intense and at the same time, comedic. Even though the anime was not released yet, it will be more fun if you could explore this story with the digital and physical copy of the manga. You can read the manga officially on Viz Website

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