Studio Reveals Terrifying Footage of How Anime ‘Side Mouth’ Is Created

2D animation is a lengthy process, and it takes a lot of hard work and time, if you want 2d animation to look good. That is why more and more anime studios are now adding 3D CGI techniques to minimize the cost and time. Mappa Studio has recently opened up a new studio which is solely for CGI animation.

A Twitter user, Sango, who works in the Indie Animation studio, recently shared a few behind the scenes animation for the anime series “Bite The Bullet”. In the video clip, you can see how the animation for “Side Mouth” of the character is achieved, and it looks terrifying to look at.

The Caption writes:

Even with a lip-synching cut that has a different profile cut line, the mouth is deformed so that it looks like an “anime-like mouth”

The Tweet immensely went viral, gathering more than fifty thousand likes and retweets. It also generated some interesting responses from the fans.

Cursed view! I hate it! I don’t want this knowledge!

This is the only thing that ALWAYS bugged me about anime art style! XD

Wow, I already hated the way anime draws mouths on the side of the face but this amplified it by 1000 lol

The indie animation “Bite The Bullet” is an original project, which is available on YouTube. And despite that it is 3d, it looks amazing.

What are your thoughts on this kind of CGI animation? Would like to see it being used more in anime projects? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Twitter

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