Texas Teacher Warns Parents About Influence of Anime

A middle school principal from Texas, warned parents about the influence of anime on children, by sending emails to them.

Melanie Arias is a principal of Tuloso-Midway middle school who sent emails to parents warning them about anime. She described anime as “genre of graphic animation available to anyone on social media”. The email wrote:

“We have noticed that some students are being influenced by anime, a genre of graphic animation available to anyone on social media. Please be aware of what your child may be watching on their devices, while online. At Tuloso-Midway Middle School, we promote health and safety. We strive to surround our students around positive experiences that promote good decision making”

Credit: Kiii TV

Parents received this email on November 11, with no further details about why this kind of email was sent to them. However, anime fans can take a guess that some student might be enjoying anime on their school time, or the principal might have caught a glimpse of the “darker side” of the anime genre. The screenshot of this email was then shared to many Facebook groups.

Is anime a bad influence on children? Well, it depends on what kind of anime series are you watching. Anime as an entertainment medium is now so much bigger than it was 5 years ago. Anyone can easily access anime series like “Highschool dxd” or “Prison School“, which are obviously not made for middle schoolers. So, it is understandable that principal of middle school is concerned about the wrong kind of influence that anime could have on children.

Source: Kiii TV

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