The App that lets you create anime has been released but!

Published on September 23rd, 2021

As previously announced, the “World Maker” app beta version has been released worldwide, but it is completely not usable due to various reasons. Here is everything we know after testing the app:

What is World Maker?

“World Maker” is a mobile app that lets you create manga without having to draw. It was announced in August 2021, that an open beta version will be available to all the fans. Check out this article for complete explanation.

Source: World Maker App

Is it available worldwide with English support?

Yes, World Maker app is available worldwide, but unfortunately there is no English language support. We tried using the English words for dialogues, but the app failed to recognize what was written. Currently, only Japanese language is supported.

You can access the app page by using this link here.

Can you use World Maker if you know Japanese?

Even if you know a little bit of Japanese, the interface of the app is quite complicated and full of bugs. This situation is going to get better once more updates are released.

Even the official Twitter account has tweeted that this App still needs a lot of updates

Will it ever come out in English?

Despite the fact that “World Maker” app was doing some buzz in the international anime community, there is no announcement if the app will ever support more languages other than Japanese.

How will I know if English version gets released?

Currently, there is only one news outlet for the app and that is their official Twitter account. You can follow them on Twitter to get recent updates.

Finally, World Maker is not currently usable for an international audience. Overall the concept is pretty cool, but In order to make it more usable outside of Japan, the developers will have to add the other language supports and lots of updates to remove bugs.

Source: World Maker App

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