The Devil Is a Part-timer Season 2 Episode 6 Release date, Preview Images

The devil is a part-timer and one of the most well-renowned and favorite anime, but unfortunately, after season 1 aired in 2013, the fans were disappointed for many years. As no news of season 2 was ever released. Surprisingly the anime made a comeback after 7 years under a different studio.

The Devil is a part timer season 2 episode 6

However, the story is still enjoyable, with unexpected plot twists. The story revolves around the demon lord satan, who once wished to conquer the human world but was stopped by the superhero Emilia and her other companions.

After almost being killed by the heroes, the demon lord somehow escaped the human world with one of his generals. Due to the depiction of his energy, he could not return to his world and decided to stay in the human world under the name Mao until he got his power back and could successfully go back home.

However, he soon realized that the hero Emilia was also in the human world to slay him. Later, many other characters of Ente Isla started to show up.

Episode 5 Recap

Things are not looking good for Mao since he can’t work anymore at MgRonald’s for a few months since his workplace is under renovation. Mao was unaware of the renovation because Alas Ramus was gone, and he couldn’t find her.

However, his bad luck does not stop there. The place at which he was staying was also scheduled for repair. However, the landlord sent a videotape stating she had a job offer for them at her niece’s beach house in Choshi.

Mao decides to accept this job offer since it pays well as well as it provides them with a place to stay. After Chiho got permission from her mother to go with them. Emilia, Suzuno, Chiho, Emi, and Alas Ramus end up tagging along to Choshi.

Amane Oguro, the landlady’s niece, greets them on arrival and lets them know about the needed work. All the members decide to start working immediately. After finishing up the work, they decide to watch the sea at night when they observe the lights on the beach’s horizon.

Amane mentions the legend of Mouren Yassa, a ship ghost. A dense fog starts covering up the ocean, and Amane becomes cautious.

Episode 6 Preview

The Devil is a part-timer season 2 episode 6 preview images have been released by the official website of the anime series.

Episode 6 Release date

The devil is a part-timer season 2 episode 6 is scheduled for August 18, Thursday at 11:30 Pm on Tokyo MX and other channels for the viewers in Japan.

For the international audience, it will be available on Crunchyroll after a few hours behind the Japanese time. It would be available with English subtitles. The timing is as follows :

  • Pacific time : 7:30 PDT (18 August 2022)
  • Central time : 9:30 CDT (18 August 2022)
  • Eastern time: 10:30 EDT (18 August 2022)
  • British time: 15:30 BST (18 August 2022)
  • Indian time: 20:00 IST (18 August 2022)
  • European time: 16:30 CEST (18 August 2022)
  • Australian time: 1:00 ACDT (19 August 2022)
  • Philippines time: 22:30 PHT (18 August 2022)

Where to watch The devil is a part-timer

The first season is available on Netflix. Although the second season is not out yet on Netflix, it is visible on Crunchyroll for viewers who are located outside of Japan. Anime fans from South Asia can watch the Devil is a part-timer season 2 for free on the Muse Asia channel on YouTube.

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