The God Of High School Returns!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived. The 527th chapter of God Of High School is finally out! And with it comes the beginning of the final battle in Yongje Park’s AMAZING series!

Though it’s something many readers don’t yet want to face, The God Of High School is sadly ending within its upcoming chapters. It’s currently unknown how much longer the manhwa has left or exactly what chapter the series will close out on but we do know that the fight featured at the end of chapter 526 is indeed the final fight of the series.

The God Of High School Returns! | Anime Senpai

Anime Season 2?

Now if you’ve never read the GOH manhwa or simply watched the anime you may be very confused by all of this. I have one piece of advice for you, go read the manhwa. It may be long but it’s worth every second of reading. Not only is the story amazing the artwork is just beautiful, every page will blow you away.

If you haven’t read the manhwa, instead only watching the first season of the anime, you may be wondering, will there ever be a season 2? Well sadly, the answer to that question is currently, no. There is no official or unofficial news about a season 2 renewal. Yet another reason you should pick up the manhwa instead!

Release Date

With all the anime-related things out of the way let’s get into the details about The God of High School’s return, specifically when to expect new chapters. If you’ve been following the manwha you probably know that chapters were released officially by early Friday.

With the manhwa now over hiatus the series is set to follow the same schedule. Meaning that a new chapter is released every Friday!

Of course, if you’re using the Webtoon and have some coins to use you can gain access to chapters even earlier…

Where To Read

The God of High School is available officially on the both the Webtoon website and app. On both platforms the series is completely free, unless you want to skip ahead to a chapter before it releases for free.


Mori Jin is a very not so normal high school student. On top of this he is also a Taekwondo specialist who has entered The God of High School. A high schoolers only fighting tournament that promises the winner one thing they want. What began as a competition to seek out the best high school fighter soon reveals itself to be part of a much greater plot. One that goes beyond Mori Jin’s wildest imagination.

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