This 40 Year Old Anime Is Getting A New Anime Adaptation

In today’s rapidly globalizing world, countless new anime series are released every season. However, it’s not often that we see a remake of a classic anime. Yet, defying the odds, a 40-year-old anime series is set to return with a new project, the details of which remain under wraps.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of “Kinnikuman,” an anime based on the original work by Yudetamago, a new series has been announced. A fresh visual for the anime and comments from the two creators have been unveiled.

kinnikuma new anime

“Kinnikuman” is a timeless tale that follows the journey of a bumbling, inept dropout superhero named Kinnikuman, who hails from the Kinniku Planet. Through perseverance, friendship, and triumph, he ultimately evolves into the strongest man in the world of superhero wrestling. The series began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1979 and is currently being serialized in Weekly Playboy and Weekly Pre-News (all published by Shueisha). The previous anime adaptation, consisting of 137 episodes, was produced by Toei Animation and aired starting in 1983. In addition, the “Kinkeshi” figure series has sold a staggering 200 million units.

The new anime visual will also grace the cover of “Kinnikuman Jump Vol”, which will be released on March 17th, alongside the 81st volume of the original work. Moreover, the new visual panel will be showcased at the “Ultra Kinnikuman Exhibition” held at Tokyo Tower from March 18th to April 2nd.

Yudetamago is the pen name used by Takashi Shimada (Writer) and Yoshinori Nakai (Illustrator), who commented on the anime adaptation news.

Takashi Shimada (Writer) Comment:

At last, we can announce some delightful news that will surely bring joy to everyone. “Kinnikuman” is being adapted into a new anime. Though there’s much more we’d like to share, and I know everyone is eager to learn more, for now, that’s all I can reveal—please accept my apologies. I can confidently say that something captivating is gradually taking shape. Stay tuned and be patient just a little longer.

Yoshinori Nakai (Illustrator) Comment:

How can we encourage more people to read “Kinnikuman”? I’ve been dedicated to honing my drawing skills and persistently drawing with a heartfelt commitment to every stroke. Finally, an opportunity has arrived where my passion may resonate with a broader audience. While I’m excited about the high expectations, I also feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. I pledge to create a work that will delight and entertain everyone even more.

Are you looking forward to this remake of Kinnikuman anime? More details including release date and promotional videos will be posted on the on Kinnikuman official Twitter account. Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Source: Comic Natalie

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