This Girl Is Challenging Cosplay Stereotypes & Fans Are Loving It

Cosplaying isn’t about the size you are, it’s about showing your love for the character you are portraying. For some people, the thought of cosplaying is anxiety inducing. There are many reasons behind this, but one of the main reasons is fat-shaming, which often doesn’t come from the outside but from the inside of the Otaku community.

It is not a surprise that heavier people often feel self-conscious enough to never cosplay. But there are many cosplayers who are not backing down despite the criticism they receive from the so called ‘fans’. One of these cosplayers is Kate Wallace, who has been sharing her cosplays on Facebook and Instagram for quite a while now.

Despite some mean comments received on Facebook, the overall response from the Otaku community has been positive. To all the mean comment, this was Kate’s response: “Thanks everyone for the positive response and positive comments on my Cosplays. I have read the hate comments, saw the ‘laugh’ reacts on my cosplays, and I am going to ignore it. Thanks for all the support. Love you all.”

Kate Wallace recently cosplayed Anya from Spy x Family, which is one of the most popular ongoing anime series.

We reached out to Kate to tell our readers about herself, and how she started cosplaying. Kate said “I started cosplaying back in 2011 after I saw other people on the internet doing it. I went to local conventions in Alabama and went to one in Tennessee. Only did a few costumes and stopped cosplaying. Then when I downloaded TikTok to watch videos I saw tons of cosplayers on TikTok like bukkitbrown, bonbibonkers, nyanyancosplay, and such so I decided I went back to cosplaying and made TikTok videos.”.

Revealing her first cosplay, Kate said “I posted a picture of Makima from Chainsaw Man my dad took pictures with my Canon Eos Rebel T100 camera and posted on Anime Nerds Institute Facebook group and has ton of reacts and I posted more cosplays there and got ton of reacts as well and I thank everyone for support.”

“My biggest cosplaying role model is Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri they inspire me to dress up in character. I want to learn how to sew one day so I can start making my own costumes. I want to continue to dress up to escape from reality. Everyone can cosplay no matter height, weight, age, race, gender, religion, sexuality, skills (bought or made), and such. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story”.

We hope that Kate will inspire more and more fans to share their cosplay who are either too shy or low on confidence. We believe that cosplay is for everyone, no matter the gender, race or color of the skin. You can support Kate’s cosplays by following her Instagram and Tiktok profile.

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