Tokyo Revengers Chapter 243 Spoilers, Release Date & More

It seems that one of the final battles of the Tokyo Revengers series is nearly upon us. And though it is saddening to think that the series may come to a close very soon, let’s forget about all that and jump into some spoilers! So without any more waiting let’s get right into Tokyo Revengers chapter 243, ‘Wide Array!’

But before that, there’s one major piece of news regarding this week’s chapter. Seeing as how there’s a National holiday in Japan this Wednesday, Emperor’s Birthday, the chapter itself will be released a day earlier. Meaning we can see the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers out officially this Tuesday! If that doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will.

Read on to find everything you need to know about this week’s upcoming Tokyo Revengers chapter. From spoilers, to release dates and more, we have it all right here on Anime Senpai!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 243 Spoilers, Release Date & More | Anime Senpai

Chapter 242 Recap

Before we jump into chapter 243’s spoilers, let’s do a quick recap of what went down in the most recent release of Tokyo Revengers, chapter 242, titled, ‘Inherit the Crown.’ You can find and read the chapter yourself all for free, and officially down below!

The chapter kicks off with Takemitchy reliving some of his major Toman-related memories, including the gifting of his motorbike and Mikey’s old uniform. After reminiscing Takemitchi officially announces the name of his new gang, Tokyo Manji Gang! And with that their first official meeting begins.

All the members arrive at Toman’s old meeting spot, the Musashi Shrine, with their brand new uniforms, courtesy of Mitsuya. It’s more or less the same as the old uniform, the only difference being that on the sleeves the words, “second generation,” are now embroidered.

After giving his new gang a blood boiling and goosebumps filled speech the second generation Tokyo Manji Gang is ready to complete their goal, and win against Mikey! As Takemitchy says, this is their revenge.

Chapter 243 Spoilers

Now that we are all caught up, let’s dive right into chapter 243. Warning, however, some raws for the upcoming chapter are already out so there are confirmed spoilers below, you have been warned.

In the latest released chapter, the new Tokyo Manji Gang had their first meeting, now it’s time to see the Kantou Manji Gang’s side of things. With Kantou Manji winning the battle of the deities their member count is increasing rapidly and there are a lot of impressive big names from across the series joining Mikey’s rank. This includes, both Haitani brothers, Kanji Mochizuki, Shion Madarame, Kakucho, Hanma, Wakasa, and Benkei.

In the meeting between these legendary beasts, they bring up the newly formed second-generation Tokyo Manji Gang. Ex-Toman member Koko is actually the one to tell Mikey that the group has officially declared war on them. To which Mikey responds that it’s finally time (whatever that means).

After discussing the gang agrees to their declaration and sets a date, September 9th. And now we jump right to that day!

Before the big battle Takemitchi visits Hina and tells her everything about the future, seeing as for him, this will be the last time he goes back. This time he’ll save everyone, with his battle, both Hina and Mikey. But before that Takemitchy lets out and cries one more time in Hina’s hands. And after some encouragement from his girlfriend Takemitchi is ready for battle. Before he leaves Hina tells him that she’ll be waiting for his return.

So…I think we know what will happen to Takemitchi, I mean from that line alone…

As the chapter ends we see both gangs approach each other and on the very last page, we see Takemitchi yell it out. “LET’S SETTLE THIS, SANO MANJIRO!” And with that, the final battle of Tokyo Revengers begins.

Raw Scans

Raw scans for chapter 243 are not currently available at the time this article is being written. However, if any, do come out we will make sure to update this page.

Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers is set for release as usual. Meaning we will be able to see a chapter 243 release officially on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022. As of right now, there is no word of the chapter being delayed, however, if anything is released we will make sure to keep this article updated.

Where To Read

You can read the latest chapters of the Tokyo Revengers on the official site of Kodanshacomics. We will be back next week with more Tokyo Revengers spoilers, till then stay tuned!

It may be hard to believe but Tokyo Revengers is actually ending very soon, alongside many other fan favourites. Some recent manga that just entered their final arc includes My Hero Academia, Tokyo Revengers, and Doctor Stone. You can read up on more popular manga ending soon right here!

We will be back next week with even more Tokyo Revengers spoilers and content, so be sure to stay tuned till then!

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