Tokyo Revengers Ending Wasn’t Bad, Rather It Was Satisfying

The manga series written by Wakui Ken, Tokyo Revengers, started pretty popularly as it was one of the best-selling manga series of 2021. But as soon as the manga started reaching its final chapter, more and more fans began to speak out that Tokyo Revengers was heading to a “bad” ending. But is the manga’s ending so bad that fans hate the whole series now?

WARNING: This article will contain Spoilers about the last chapter of Tokyo Revengers’ manga.

Tokyo Revengers manga ending bad

A few days ago, the popular manga of Wakui Ken ended with a colour panel in its last chapter. These ending chapters are famous because of how edgy and rushed they were. Tokyo Revengers started as pretty sublime and nicely paced, but this ending left fans with an unpleasant aftertaste, as most fans didn’t like how it ended. But does Tokyo Revengers deserves this hate from some fans? Let’s find out.

Everything that happened before the ending

The story starts as the protagonist Hanagaki Takemichi dies when someone pushes him in front of a train. After that, he gets sent back to when he was a high schooler. He now aims to save her girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, who died in the future because of a gang named Tokyo Manji Gang. He slowly starts to push and enters the band as a member.

Throughout his journey, he encounters various situations and even returns to the future with the help of Hinata’s brother, Naoto. And now, he has saved his girlfriend from dying, and the whole gang has been disbanded, with everyone enjoying everyday life peacefully.

Tokyo revengers manga before the end

The “Controversial” Ending Fans hated

Even though every gang member entered everyday life, the leader of Tokyo Manji Gang, Mikey, is still a delinquent, and he craves fights because of some dark fate he has. So, Takemichi leaves his peaceful life and decides to make his own Tokyo Manji Gang by requesting every old member to join again and stop Mikey from becoming a criminal.

During their last fight, Mikey stabs Takemichi with a sword and kills him. Mikey regains his senses after Takemichi dies and grabs his hand while crying. This cause both of them to go back in time (as Mikey was a trigger, just like Naoto).

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They go back to their childhood lives when they were just toddlers. When they recognize each other, they decide to do everything right from the start and stop going into the future.

So, in the end, they keep avoiding the mistakes they made (like the killing of Mikey’s brother and other stuff which triggered Mikey’s dark feelings) and disband the Tokyo Manji Gang peacefully as leaders of the gang. Later, Takemichi married her childhood girlfriend Hinata with every member of the Tokyo Manji Gang at their wedding, and all lived happily ever after.

Tokyo Revengers ending that fans hated

Why is this ending not “Bad” but rather “Satisfying.”

The fans’ expectations of the series were too high from the start. Tokyo Revengers ended as Tokyo Revengers, which is what it is. People were expecting a psychological thriller ending for it, but it was satisfactory as it was. Here are some reasons why the ending of Tokyo Revengers does not deserve the hate it is receiving:

  • The introduction of Mikey’s brother as the first-time traveller who started everything was pretty good, making the story more compelling. The way he got the time-travelling powers was a bit cliche. However, it was somewhat bewildering to know that Takemichi got these powers from the brother of Micky, which was a connection between him and Micky, even before they met as gang members.
  • The concept of Tokyo Revengers was to pay back the cruel fate which brought the whole situation to such a condition. And this condition was fulfilled as everyone’s character was happy in the end.
  • Yes, the series should have ended with Takemichy just saving Hana, but rescuing Mikey was also an essential part of the ending because he taught Takemichi how to be the man he is today.
  • The ending of the series might be straightforward and “happy ending” in short, but this is what Tokyo Revengers was supposed to be from the start.

In the end, Takemichi deserved a happy ending. Travelling back and forth in time, Takemichi have seen the cruel deaths of his friends while he tried to make everyone’s life better. Anything less than a completely unexpectedly happy conclusion would actually be meaningless.

Tokyo Revengers manga end date

In the end, every fan is entitled to have his own opinion, and you might not agree with any of the reasons mentioned above. But saying Tokyo Revengers manga had a bad ending is just wrong. Currently, season two of the anime and the second live-action of the series are in production.

Tokyo Revengers live action

The synopsis of Tokyo Revengers is as follows:

One day, he learns the news of the murder of his high school girlfriend, “Hinata”, by the famous “Tokyo Manji Gang” and starts to rush towards the train station. But unfortunately, he is pushed under the train and is transported back 12 years to when he was in high school.

He rushes towards Hinata’s house and witnesses her alive. Now, he has an aim: to save Hinata in the past to see her live in the future. He can go back and forth in time with the help of Hinata’s brother, a police officer. Will he be able to see Hinata alive in the future, or will the changes in the past create more complications for him in the future?

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