Tokyo Revengers Fans Displeased With Recent Episode Animation

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular anime of current season. After the series was picked for an anime adaptation by Liden Films in April 2021, the popularity of the series has continued to grow rapidly. Tokyo Revengers manga also received a live action adaptation in July 2021, which is doing really well on Japanese box office.

Liden Films studio is not really known for animation (Berserk 2016) but Tokyo Revengers animation although was inconsistent but pretty good overall initially. Many fans noticed that the animation quality is declining with each episode. On August 14. Tokyo Revengers episode 19 was released and animation was not that great. Fans took to Twitter to express their displease over the animation quality. Here are some of the top comments:

Tokyo Revengers Deserves Better:

Fix Your Animation:

No Production Value:


Animation Wasn’t Bad:

In case you don’t know what Tokyo Revengers series is about, it revolves around a young boy who suddenly discovers that he has the power to Time Travel. He uses this ability to change the past where his girlfriend was ki**ed by people who he grew up with. Tokyo Revengers manga have sold more than 32 million copies as of August 14.

What do you think about the recent episode animation quality? Does animation quality matters to you or you just Tokyo Revengers for story? Please tell us your opinion in comment section.

Source: Twitter

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