Tokyo Revengers: Majority of the Fans Are Upset With the Manga Ending

After a long run of about five years, as promised, the Tokyo Revengers manga is coming to an end. That is…next chapter, until then, fans have plenty to say about this week’s twist ending. Which has many fans claiming the series as a whole is ruined!

We’ll get into what exactly has fans so riled up and why just below! And of course, massive spoiler warning for the entirety of Tokyo Revengers. If you don’t wish to have the series spoiled for yourself I’d advise you go catch up before checking back here!

Tokyo Revengers manga ending chapter

Tokyo Revenger’s Final Arc

Complaints about the series’ direction first began when Wakui announced the beginning of Tokyo Revengers’ final arc. Seeing as how the previous arc had ended perfectly most did not understand the need to continue the story. Most loose ends had been wrapped up and Takemitchy’s main goal of saving Hina had been completed. But this time Takemitchy time leapt one last time to save Mikey.

Many had claimed that the entire thing was forced and the series truly could have ended already. It most certainly did not make things better when the final arc began introducing new characters and killing off long-time favourites such as Draken.

The Final Twist

The most recent wave of complaints comes after the release of Tokyo Revengers’ penultimate chapter where, due to some time travel shenanigans, every single conflict of the series has been solved in one single chapter, spanning just fifteen pages and a collage of panels.

The issue here is obvious. Everything the series has been building up and put together for was solved through some time travel magic, that though somewhat explained in an earlier chapter, still makes no sense whatsoever.

It’s not just the fact that every character and problem was “fixed” but also the huge plot holes that are left behind by what seems to be a very rushed ending. Many of the friendships formed throughout the series are tested and brought closer because of the events around the characters. With all that being “fixed” by Takemitchy and Mikey not only does it erase loads of character development, but it also brings up the question of why the character is even around in the first place.

It’s understandable why fans of the series are so upset with this twist, over 200 chapters of plot, character development, and more were all just essentially erased within the span of a few pages. Some fans online are even referring to the ending as the “Disney” ending, with everyone getting a happy ending. Though it’s mostly negative responses some fans argue that after everything Takemitchy went through, this happy ending is well deserved.

What’s Next?

Seeing as how all this talk is surrounding the series’ second to the last chapter it leaves fans wondering what the final chapter will look like. With all the loose ends wrapped up, there isn’t much to cover, or as some would say salvage. Thanks to leaks that were released earlier today, however, we have some idea of what to expect within Tokyo Revengers’ final chapter. If you do not want to have the final chapter spoiled for you I suggest you click off now!

As teased in the final panel of the previous chapter, chapter 278 presents to us the long-awaited wedding between Hina and Takemitchy! In a leaked colour page with just about every Tokyo Revenger character ever present, we can see Hina and Takemitchy doing their wedding recessional as just about everyone cheers and multiple people even cry for the happy couple.

Some other fun details to note about this great big wedding are that Mitsuya was actually the one to draw up and sew Hina’s glorious wedding dress and presumably Takemitchy’s stunning white suit as well. Perhaps the best small detail, however, is Draken and Emma, who in this timeline are married! Not only that the two are expecting a child! Who knows, maybe Mikey’s dream of an all-grown-up and happy Toman is actually possible in this timeline!

Though the ending certainly has its flaws, multiple of them even, it’s still nice to see everyone finally together and happy. Even if it is a “Disney” ending! But let us know what you think about Tokyo Revengers series finale, was it everything you hoped for and more or was it lacking, let us know your thoughts and comments down below!

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You can buy and preview the latest chapters of Tokyo Revengers and more officially on KodanshaComics. Doing so greatly supports the author and allows them to give us more chapters of this amazing series.was dead, one in jail for the murder of the other, and thYou can buy and preview the latest chapters of Tokyo Revengers and more officially on KodanshaComics. Doing so greatly supports the author and allows them to give us more chapters of this amazing series.

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