Tokyo Revengers Manga Set To Go On One Week Hiatus

Yep, you read the title right. In a recent announcement, yesterday a reliable leaker confirmed that Tokyo Revengers would be going on a one-week-long hiatus.

Tokyo Revengers Manga Set To Go On One Week Hiatus | Anime Senpai

Although this is sad news the reason for the hiatus should be taken in before giving your own thoughts on the matter. The series is set to go on hiatus due to one of the staff members testing positive for COVID 19. It is currently unknown if just that member caught the virus or if it has spread amongst staff.

The only thing fans can do currently is wait patiently and wish the staff members and everyone else involved a speedy recovery! After all the staff member’s health and well-being takes precedence over the manga itself.

For fans of the series, the news isn’t all bad since it was confirmed that this week’s 247th chapter will still release as scheduled. Meaning that the hiatus will take effect starting Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022. If there are no complications and everything goes as planned the series is set to return in Weekly Shonen Magazine issue 19.

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