Tokyo Revengers Might Have Just Killed Off A Fan-Favourite Character!

Tokyo Revengers may be in its final arc, but the mangaka behind the series, Ken Wakui isn’t holding anything back. Especially in the recently released chapter 257 where, as you can probably tell from the title of this article, yet another character has been killed off. Before going further into the article, keep in mind that there will be manga spoilers ahead.

Throughout this final arc, we’ve already seen a handful of deaths from both long-running characters and newer characters. Of course, the most memorable of these is the death of Draken, but the most recent character Wakui has killed off might even top that.

We’ll get into all the juicy details on who died, how, and more; all down below! Oh and before we get into all that, major spoiler warning for the most recent chapter of Tokyo Revengers. If you haven’t read it already I would highly suggest you go read it and then come back! With that out of the way let’s get into all the juicy details on who died, how, and much more; all right here on Anime Senpai!

Tokyo Revengers Might Have Just Killed Off A Fan-Favourite Character! | Anime Senpai

Who Died?!

It’s time for the big reveal, who did Ken Wakui kill off this time? Well, it’s a fan-favourite character and one that many thought had already died. That’s right it’s the “brawler” Kakucho! After somehow surviving his gunshot wounds in the Tenjiku arc, it seems that Kakucho has finally fallen. The only question is what put him down. Oh and of course, since this is Tokyo Revengers we are talking about here, is he really dead?

If you haven’t been keeping up with Tokyo Revengers’ most recent couple of chapters this may come to you as a shock. The person who finally managed to kill Kakucho seems to be the now irredeemable Sanzu. Over the past few chapters Sanzu has given readers more and more reason to hate him, but with his most recent scheme, it goes to show just how far gone he really is.

You see if it weren’t for Takemitchi and Kakucho interfering Sanzu was about to kill everyone at this final battleground. Using an old train he had planned to run those fighting on the tracks over, the rest of the fighters would be crushed by the falling containers. If this plan itself isn’t bad enough when Takemitchi and Kakucho approach Sanzu he tries to kill them both, with a sword no less! Takemitchi manages to evade his attacks but unfortunately, Kakucho gets slashed across the chest.

However, with a day to save Kakucho insists he is fine and continues fighting. When the train itself starts moving Kakucho pushes both Takemitchi and Sanzu out of the control room and attempts to stop it himself, and despite his injuries, he manages to do it! With the help of an old friend, Izana. As he brings the train to a stop Kakucho, imagines his friend Izana right there beside him. And after saving the day Kakucho sits back and closes his eyes, the caption reading “to save everyone else’s life…Kakucho sacrificed his own…”

On that note, the chapter comes to a close and it seems that Kakucho has actually died this time. Of course, we won’t know what really happened to him until next week, so until we get some confirmation let’s just say his status is…unknown.

I personally believe that this is truly the end for Kakucho, but that’s just my opinion! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you think Kakucho can pull through or is it finally time he reunites with Izana and the rest of his family?

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Where To Read

Unfortunately, Tokyo Revengers isn’t available online, however, you can buy and preview the latest chapters of Tokyo Revengers and more officially on KodanshaComics. Doing so greatly supports the author and allows them to give us more chapters of this amazing series.

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