Top 10 Highest-Rated Naruto Shippuden Episodes on IMDb

When most people think of anime they think of either Dragon Ball or Naruto. Naruto has been a cultural phenomenon, from people doing the Naruto run to the endless memes it’s produced. It truly is one of the if not the most popular anime of all time.

Over the years, Naruto Shippuden has released several memorable episodes, and in this article, we’re going to look into the ten highest-rated episodes as rated by IMDb users.

10. Episode 167 – Chibaku Tensei- 9.5

Naruto is pinned down with rods by Pain. He watches helplessly as Hinata tries to fight him off, but she is hurt badly. Naruto ends up losing control of his anger and is taken over by the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Naruto gradually loses more and more control and gains more tails. He ends up beating Pain and overwhelms him.

9. Episode 166- Kokuhaku – 9.5

Just as Naruto is about to be captured and taken by Pain, Hinata steps in to fight him and protect Naruto, despite being much weaker than Pain. 

She fights bravely and recounts her love for Naruto. It was an emotional episode, as Hinata desperately fought to protect someone she loved, knowing what the outcome of the battle would be. She also uses a technique that she hadn’t used before.

8. Episode 138- Shûen – 9.5

Sasuke had finally gotten the opportunity to get revenge on Itachi, who killed his family and clan. The battle between the two was nearing its end, and both were running out of chakra.

Sasuke had one more trick that he had been preparing for the entire fight. He used nature to unleash a powerful lightning attack from the sky and strike Itachi.

The attack was unsuccessful, however, Itachi activated his Mangekyo Sharingan and shielded himself using Susano. The episode was action-packed, with one of the most hyped fights of the anime.

7. Episode 476 – Saigo no tatakai – 9.6

The last time Naruto and Sasuke had a proper fight, Naruto lost, and Sasuke left the village. It was not only a redemption battle for Naruto but his final chance to stop Sasuke’s plans and bring him back to the village again.

The reason this episode was rated so high is simple: it was an episode of just fighting, no dialogue, no backstories or flashbacks, just fighting. It was also the best-animated episode in the whole franchise.

6. Episode 375 – Kakashi VS Obito – 9.6

Kakashi has finally managed to isolate his long-lost friend, Obito, who was the instigator of the Great War. Kakashi tried to convince him to end the war, but it was futile, and he had only one option: defeat him to stop him.

The episode had one of the best hand-to-hand combat fights in all anime. Often acclaimed as the second-best fight in the whole franchise. What made this fight so captivating was the constant switch between the current fight and a spur match they had when they were younger.

The music that accompanied the fight was also very memorable.

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5. Episode 322 – Uchiha Madara – 9.6

Throughout the whole series, the name Madara Uchiha was a mystery to fans and we only knew that he was greatly feared. This episode was the debut for Madara Uchiha, the man whose very name sent shivers down enemies’ spines.

The reincarnated Madara took on the whole Allied Army of the 5 Nations. They were no match for him. It was such a one sided battle, with Madara unleashing attack after attack and so many techniques. The nail in the coffin for the Army was when Madara summoned a meteor upon them. It took everything for two Kages to stop it but then he summoned another one and decimated the whole Army.

4. Episode 248 – Yondaime no shitô!! – 9.6

The episode focuses on the backstory of the main character, Naruto, and answers many of the questions surrounding his past.

The mysterious masked ninja tries to extract the anime Tailed Fox that was sealed inside Kushina, Naruto’s mother. The seal is weak as she is in labor and giving birth. Minato, the Fourth Hokage, and Naruto’s father, tries to protect his family and village but fails.

The Fox is free and wreaks havoc on the village. Kushina and Minato team up and seal half of the Fox inside Naruto and the other half into Minato. 

The episode not only shed light on how Naruto came to be, but we learned who his parents were. It was also extremely emotional as we saw how the parents died protecting their child and talked to him.

3. Episode 249 – Arigatô – 9.6

Naruto is fighting the Nine-Tailed Fox, trying to control his powers and make it his own. He is being overwhelmed by the Fox and just as he is losing, the Fox is chained down by someone else.

Naruto met his mother in this episode. Minato had sealed a bit of Kushina into Naruto so she can see him one day.

Naruto and Kushina talked and she told him about how she and Minato met and the events of the Masked Ninja when he was born. Afterward, Naruto fought the Fox with the help of Kushina and he became victorious.

2. Episode 477 – Naruto to Sasuke – 9.7

This episode is a continuation of the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke. 

The fight has become less intense as the two run out of chakra, and it has turned into hand to hand fight instead. There was no winner and both ended up losing an arm.

1. Episode 133 – The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant – 9.7

 Jiraiya is in the midst of his battle between the Six Pains. He put up a great fight and took down a few of the Pains, but he was being outmatched and outnumbered. 

He loses an arm and is bleeding out. He puts together what Pain’s true identity is; his former student Yahiko and the other Pains were Ninjas he had fought previously. 

This episode is rated number one for a good reason. It was a sad episode as we watched one of the most loved characters losing and eventually being killed. As he is dying, he recounts his life and remembers Naruto, his student.

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