Top 10 Highest Rated One Piece Episodes on IMDb

One Piece is one of the greatest animes of all time, dominating manga sales and anime views for the past two decades.

It’s a unique shonen anime in that it evokes many emotions: the comedy is some of the most hilarious, the sad moments are heartbreaking, and excitement is through the roof with the incredible fights. It also has some of the most lovable characters in all of anime.

one piece best episodes

Here are the top 10 highest-rated episodes of One Piece rated by IMDb users.

10. Episode 974 -“Oden Wouldn’t Be Oden If It Wasn’t Boiled” (9.7/10)

Oden is challenged by Orochi to survive being boiled for one hour in oil. In order to save his retainers from being boiled as well, he held them up on a platform. 

Oden completed the challenge but Orochi went back on his word and Oden was shot by Kaido. Before he was shot, Oden threw the platform, letting his retainers escape. 

His final words were, “Oden wouldn’t be Oden” and the sad townspeople watching finished the sentence: “If it wasn’t boiled”. A very emotional episode for One Piece fans.

9. Episode 405-“Disappearing Crew – The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew” (9.7/10)

Kuma, the warlord, swats Zoro with his paw, making him disappear. One by one, Kuma swat each Strawhat, making each of them fly for 3 days and 3 nights.

Meanwhile, Raleigh is busy fighting Kizaru. Luffy watches helplessly as his crew is teleported away and finally Kuma swats Luffy away.

This was an emotional episode for Luffy as he thought his crew might not survive to see another day.

8. Episode 965 – “Crossing Swords! Roger and Whitebeard!” (9.7/10)

Orochi replaces Oden while he is at sea traveling. Orochi’s family’s past is revealed to him. Orochi’s grandfather tried to become the shogun by assassinating the heir to the throne but his plot was exposed.

He killed himself, and the Kurozumi family was shunned and hunted down.

The pirates land on an island where the Roger Pirates were occupying. Oden challenges Roger but is defeated, but Whitebeard steps in and clashes with Roger.

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7. Episode – “My Crewmate’s Pain is My Pain, Zoro Fights Prepared to Die” (9.7/10)

This episode produced one of the most memorable moments in anime. Kuma, who is about to kill an unconscious Luffy, makes a deal with Zoro. Zoro agrees to take all of Luffy’s pain on himself. Sanji butts in by offering his life instead, but Zoro knocks him out.

Kuma sucks out all the pain Luffy endured in the Thriller Bark arc and tells Zoro to take it in for him. Zoro, who is half dead already from the battles accepts.

6. Episode 808- “A Heartbreaking Duel – Luffy vs. Sanji – Part 2” (9.7/10)

In an emotional episode, Luffy tries to convince Sanji to come to the crew, but Sanji attacks him with Diable Jamble. Luffy, however refuses to retaliate while Nami begs Sanji to stop.

Sanji knocks out Luffy, and while leaving, Luffy declares to Sanji that he will stay at that spot and not eat anything until Sanji comes back. Sanji walks with tears in his eyes.

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5. Episode 1062- “The Three-Sword Style of the Supreme King! Zoro vs. King” (9.8/10)

The battle between King and Zoro reaches its climax when Zoro figures out the secret behind King’s power.

Reminiscing his past, Zoro develops a new technique; King of Hell Three Sword Style. The episode was widely regarded as having one of the best-animated fights in One Piece.

4. Episode 1017 – “A Barrage of Powerful Techniques! The Fierce Attacks of the Worst Generation!” (9.8/10)

Luffy transforms into Gear Four, Kid uses his powers to collect all nearby metal, and Law creates Room and they start attacking the Two Emperors, Big Mom and Kaido.

After much back and forth, Big Mom attacks the three with Zeus’ lightning, but only Luffy remains unaffected as he is made of rubber. He then unleashes the Kong Gatling Gun on Kaido.

3. Episode 485-“Settling the Score – Whitebeard vs. The Blackbeard Pirates” (9.8/10)

The Blackbeard Pirates arrive at Marineford and Whitebeard tries to get revenge for Thatch and Ace. Although Blackbeard has the power to cancel out powers, he is dealt critical damage by Whitebeard but still survives.

Blackbeard and his pirates gang up on the heavily wounded Whitebeard and kill him.

In his final moments, Whitebeard declares that Blackbeard isn’t capable of being the Pirate King and that the One Piece is real. Whitebeard dies standing.

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2. Episode 483-“Looking for the Answer – Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield” (9.8/10)

Ace saves Luffy when Akainu tries to attack him, but Ace is punched by the magma fist and is left with a hole in his chest. Akainu tries to attack Luffy again but is stopped by Jimbei, and Marco and Vista step in.

Ace recounts his life as he is dying and thanks Luffy and the Whitebeard Pirates for everything. Ace falls as Luffy is still in shock, with Ace’s blood on his hands. By far the most emotional episode.

1. Episode 968-“The Pirate King is Born – Arriving at the Last Island!” (9.8/10)

And finally, at the top spot, this episode shows the Roger Pirates conquering the grand line. Oden left behind his family in Wano and continued with Roger in search of the last ponygliff.

Buggy falls sick, and he and Shanks stay behind. Roger gives Shanks the infamous straw hat. After finding the last island and the treasure, Roger becomes the pirate king and names the island “Laugh Tale.”

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