Top 10 Highest Selling Manga In 2021 Revealed

2021 is close to the end, if you are wondering “what manga’s and light novel’s were the most successful in 2021?”, we finally have the answer to that question.

Oricon recently revealed the top 10 list of highest selling manga and light novels in 2021, and we got some surprises in the top 10 list. Oricon is a Japan based web company which gathers data on sales of different Japanese media, including manga, light novel, and music. Oricon releases weekly, monthly and yearly rankings.

Manga Rankings

RankedNameCopies Sold
1stJujutsu Kaisen30,917,746
2ndDemon Slayer29,511,221
3rdTokyo Revengers24,981,486
4thAttack on Titan7,332,398
5thMy Hero Academia7,020,361
6thOne Piece7,002,583
7thChainsaw Man5,212,578
8thSpy x Family4,973,402

No surprises for the first ranked Jujutsu Kaisen because it had an explosive year. The manga received an awesome anime adaptation from Mappa studio, which definitely influenced the manga sales. Chainsaw Man still managed to ranked in the top 10, despite that the manga ended in 2020, and it is the only manga in this list alongside Spy x Family, without an anime adaptation.

Light Novel Rankings

Oricon also revealed the top 10 highest selling light novel list. If you are confused what are the ‘Light Novels’? Well, it is just like a novel, but published in Japan. Most of the time, the author publishes the story 1 chapter at a time, which is then collected as a volume.

RankedNameCopies Sold
1stDemon Slayer776,320
2ndThat Time I got reincarnated as a slime597,819
3rdKusuriya no Hitorigoto496,626
4thRe: Zero424,173
5thThe Detective Is Already Dead367,984
6thClassroom of the elite 2nd year306,355
7thSword Art Online305,408
8thDemon Slayer: Mugen Train287,310
9thJujutsu Kaisen259,960
10thOsananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy248,744

The classroom of the elite light novel could have been higher in the rankings, however, the volumes are published separately for the 1st year and 2nd year.

Source: Oricon via Twitter

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