Top 10 Japanese Music Artists Similar To Oshi no Ko’s YOASOBI

As far as music history goes, it has been a part of multiple cultures and used as entertainment to keep the viewers engaged and, of course, as a source of income for uncountable singers/bands.

YOASOBI is one of the most notable and peculiar super-duos from Japan that, as of now, everyone is familiar with. Their music revolves around the J-Pop genre, with unique instruments, exemplary lyrics, and heavenly vocals.

The duo is composed of the producer Ayase and the songwriter-vocalist Ikura. YOASOBI made a historical achievement in Japan’s music industry with their new single “Idol,” which charted in the Top 10 of the Top 200 Global Billboard chart.

Here are the Top 10 Japanese music artists that share similarities with YOASOBI in this medium.

10. Aimer

aimer anime singer

Aimer is someone who can be called a shade of YOASOBI. Aimer is a highly successful and well-known artist in Japan and worldwide, thanks to her efforts in singing the famous anime openings and endings.

Aimer is officially characterized as a J-pop artist, sharing the same genre with YOASOBI and multiple other artists. Aimer first rose in popularity from the breakthrough opening of “Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works,” called ‘Brave Shine.’

As of now, Aimer’s discography consists of 14 albums under Sony Music Label. Aimer can be considered as one of the similar artists to YOASOBI, comparing her ability to write out-and-out songs and vocals that are sometimes even superior to YOASOBI’s.

Aimer is famous for her songs like “Brave Shine” and “Torches

9. Stargaze Shelter

stargazer shelter

Stargaze Shelter is a trio that recently joined Japan’s music industry. Stargaze Shelter (commonly known as SS) breakout began in 2020 with an EP named ‘Emulation’ that gained a lot of critical acclaim from J-Pop fans and music critics.

SS is famous for unique instrumental experiments and the vocals that undoubtedly go downright with the pitch of instruments. SS is highly comparable with YOASOBI’s production quality and vocals. Currently, the trio only has three singles and one EP under their name.

Stargare Shelter are famous for their song “Emulation.”

8. Yuuri

Yuuri is a highly acclaimed Japanese Pop and Rock Pop artist who has gained a lot of praise and attention since his solo debut in 2022. Yuuri first appeared on a famous radio station called FM Yokohama, which boosted his popularity. Since his debut, Yuuri has released two albums and many singles. He is currently on a contract with Ariola Label. 

Yuuri has always been compared with YOASOBI due to his instrument excellence and ability to write and sing while maintaining a continuous flow.

Yuuri is mostly known for his songs “Dried Flowers” and “Betelguese

7. Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei is a Japanese band consisting of one of the most famous songwriters in Japan’s music industry, Yuuki Ozaki, who works with another band called BBHF. Galileo Galilei continuously moves through music genres, commonly known as Rock, Pop, Dream Pop, Japanese Pop, and Indie Pop.

The duo gathered attention with a collaboration album with Aimer named Sea and the Darkness, winning a few accolades in Japan. GG is known for its lyrical genius and production, which goes head-to-head with YOASOBI.

Since their debut, GG has released seven albums and many singles, including multiple EPs.

Galileo Galilei are famous for their classic song “Aoi Shiori

6. Yorushika 

Yorushika is a duo founded by Universal Media Group Japan (UMG.J) that consists of the Vocaloid producer N-buna, who keeps their identity concealed, and the singer-songwriter Suis. The duo gained their critical acclaim from an ‘Insert Song’ from the movie A Whisker Away.

Since 2018, Yorushika has released six albums, including multiple singles and EPs, as a part of their discography. Yorushika dominantly works on J-Pop and sometimes incorporates pop-rock and electronic music. Like YOASOBI, both have gained many followers in recent years and follow the same lyrical pattern as YOASOBI’s vocal patterns.

Yorushika is known for their song “Say It

5. Ado

Ayane Fujisaki, commonly known as Ado, is a solo music artist who gained significant popularity when she was only 18, with her breakout single “Usseewa” in 2020. Ado’s music production mostly follows rock instrumentation, a powerful combo with her flawless vocals.

Similar to YOASOBI, Ado’s lyrics prominently feature emotion-driven lyrics and personal struggles through life, and both of them received their popularity from their songs getting viral on platforms like TikTok.

Recently, Toei Animation invited Ado to make a complete album on One Piece: Film Red and voice act the new series character, Uta. Ado currently has two albums and more than 20 singles in her discography.

Some of Ado’s most famous songs include “Useewa” and “New Genisis

4. Kenshi Yonezu

Kenshi Yonezu is one of the world’s most famous Japanese producers, illustrators, and singer-songwriters, as he dominated the US Billboard charts. Kenshi Yonezu gained popularity through a music platform called Nico Nico Douga, where he used ‘Hachi’ as a pseudonym.

He made his professional debut in 2012 with the album ‘Diorama’ using his official name instead of his pseudonym. He has since succeeded in the Japanese Music Industry multiple times, including multiple accolades.

YOASOBI and Kenshi Yonezu are not similar, but top-notch production, exemplary lyricism, and instrumentalism are something that every YOASOBI’s fan would like. Kenshi Yonezu recently gathered international attention with his new single for the opening of “Chainsaw Man” Anime.

Kenshi Yonezu’s most famous songs include “Kickback” and “Lemon

3. Yama

Yama is a famous young J-pop singer who debuted with the breakout single ‘Hara Wo Tsugeru.’ Yama is a member of a trio group known as ‘BIN’ with an illustrator and producer.

Yama is known for her signature blue hair and mask as she conceals her real identity from the world. Yama has over 30 singles and EPs, including three hit albums in her discography. 

Yama took notes from YOASOBI for her soft yet strong vocals and philosophical lyricism in her songs. 

Yama is known for her breakout single “Hara Wo Tsugeru

2. Vaundy

Ryota Naganuma, Commonly known as Vaundy in the Japanese music industry, is a famous musician, vocalist, and songwriter. Vaundy is well-known for his R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop genre blend.

Vauncy has a distinctive vocal style that commonly includes poetic and inward-looking lyrics, including peculiar melodies and catchy hooks in every song. Vaundy started his career on SoundCloud as an independent artist gaining much following.

Vaundy debuted professionally with his EP “Strobo,” released in 2019 under SDR Label. Like YOASOBI, Vaundy is famous for his catchy upbeat music and hooks, including relatable lyrics.

Vaundy’s most famous songs includes “Odoriko” and “Hadaka No Yuusha

1. Zutomayo

Zutomayo is currently the most influential and unique J-Pop and J-rock band. Formed in 2018, Zutomayo never released a proper members list and kept their identities hidden from the public eye, as they are secretive. Their music and animated video credits differ with each song which helps them keep their identity a secret.

The fictional character, ACA-NE, is the lead vocalist of the group. Besides ACA-NE, no other member has been revealed as of yet. Zutomayo’s EPs have charted on Oricon Album charts, respectively, achieving commercial success and critical acclaim.

Zutomayo and YOASOBI’s characteristics have significant differences but are similar in their distinctive vocals, lyrical storytelling, and relatability level. Zutomayo shares YOASOBI’s melancholic themes style, focusing on love and separation.

Some of Zutomayo’s popular songs include “Humanoid” and

These are some of the artists who are similar to Japan’s current most famous music duo, YOASOBI. Apart from this list, multiple bands/groups and solo artists share more similarities with YOASOBI. Let us know in the comments who’s your favorite artist!

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