Twitter Account That Allegedly Leaked Information on One Punch Man Season 3 Gets Suspended

Only a few days ago, Shonenleaks, a well-known anime and manga account with over 120,000 followers, tweeted that Mappa would be animating the highly anticipated third season of One Punch Man. This tweet quickly went viral, accumulating over 100,000 likes on Twitter. However, it appears that Shonenleaks has since been suspended, possibly due to their dissemination of sensitive information about the upcoming season.

one punch man mappa

In response to the leaks and the subsequent suspension of Shonenleaks, the official Twitter account for the One Punch Man anime series, which rarely communicates in English, released a statement to their worldwide fan base.

In the message, they addressed the issue of unauthorized information being shared and reminded fans that the official account is the only reliable source for accurate updates about the show. They emphasized that any official announcements about the series will only be made through this account.

Fans are speculating that the popularity of Shonenleaks’ One Punch Man tweet may have attracted the attention of someone connected to the production committee for the third season of the show. It’s possible that this individual reported the tweet as a leak of sensitive information, leading to the suspension of the Shonenleaks account.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the leaked information about Mappa animating the third season of One Punch Man was actually true, or if the production committee took action to halt the spread of misinformation. It’s possible that the tweet was based on an unconfirmed rumour or speculation, and the production committee wanted to prevent any false information from gaining traction. Alternatively, the leak could be genuine, and the production committee simply wanted to prevent any further information from being shared prematurely. Until an official statement is made by the show’s creators or the production committee, it’s impossible to know for sure what the truth is.

As of now, the only official confirmation about One Punch Man season 3 is that it is happening. There have been no announcements regarding the release date or which studio will be responsible for animating the series. It’s worth noting that the first season of the anime was animated by Madhouse, while the second season was animated by JC Staff. Until further information is officially announced, it’s best to take any rumors or speculation with a grain of salt.

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