Uncle Roger’s One Piece Food Review Video Gets Copyright Claimed By Toei Studio

The world of YouTube is a complex landscape where creators and copyright holders often find themselves at odds. The latest to join this list is the beloved YouTuber Uncle Roger, known for his hilarious food reviews.

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His recent review of food items inspired by the anime series One Piece has been hit with a copyright claim by Toei Animation, the studio behind the anime.

This isn’t the first time Toei has been in the news for copyright claims, as they have a history of taking strict actions against YouTubers.

The video that drew Toei Animation’s attention featured Uncle Roger reacting to One Piece episode 133.

In this episode, Taijo, a young marine cook, attempts to prepare a mouth-watering curry dish for high-ranking navy officials. Sanji, a key character in the series, assists Taijo by offering hints to prevent culinary mistakes. Uncle Roger’s comedic take on this episode was what led to the copyright claim.

Taking to his YouTube community tab, Uncle Roger shared his disappointment and alerted his fans about the situation. He posted a screenshot of the copyright claim and wrote:

“Haiyaaa Uncle Roger got copyright striked and YouTube is removing my latest weejio (One Piece review) from the platform in 5 days… If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch and share it now before it’s gone 😢.”

uncle roger toei copyright strike

Toei Animation has a history of issuing copyright claims against YouTubers. In the past, they have targeted YouTubers like Totally Not Mark, who received more than 150 copyright claims for his anime and manga reviews. This led to a significant change in YouTube’s copyright rules, allowing for more flexibility among international copyright laws, as reported by Kotaku.

Interestingly, the copyright claim won’t just affect the availability of Uncle Roger’s video in Japan. According to the claim, the video is slated for removal from YouTube platforms worldwide.

The issue of copyright claims is further complicated by the differences in copyright laws between countries. For instance, Japanese copyright law does not have a general fair use provision, unlike the United States. This makes it challenging for creators who have to navigate these complex legal landscapes.

The fan community has had mixed reactions to this news. While some believe that Toei is within its rights to protect its intellectual property, others argue that the claim against Uncle Roger is excessive and hampers creative expression.

What are your thoughts on Toei’s Copyright claim? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Sources: YouTube, ANN, Kotaku

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