Top 19 Strongest One Piece Characters of All Time, Ranked

One Piece stands as one of the premier Shounen anime and manga series, providing all the elements that define a high-quality series.

The innovative power system of One Piece, involving Devil Fruits that bestow supernatural abilities and Haki, a form of spiritual potential or power, sets the series apart from the other anime.

However, upon diving deeper into the One Piece Universe, it becomes evident that the possession of Devil Fruits and Haki does not necessarily equate to being the strongest character. There are characters who boast natural abilities that can even outshine the powers granted by Devil Fruits and Haki.

strongest one piece characters

Given the diverse range of powers, including Devil Fruits, Haki, and inherent abilities, ranking the characters based on strength can be a challenging task. To address this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 19 strongest characters in One Piece, considering both their current abilities and future potential.

19. Seraphim

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers: Stussy overwhelms Lucci after Kaku!
Name of CrewMarines
Types of Haki UsedNo Haki
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit (Technically)

The “Seraphim” are advanced models of Pacifista, masterminded by the brilliant Dr. Vegapunk. They were created with the specific intent of replacing the Warlords, with each Pacifista modeled after a specific Warlord.

The power source of the Seraphim is a combination of the lineage factor of the Warlord they are modeled after and the Lunarian gene that has been integrated into their system.

Unlike many powerful characters in the One Piece universe, the Seraphim do not possess a Devil Fruit. Instead, they have been engineered to utilize the Devil Fruit abilities of the Warlord they are modeled after.

The future potential of the Seraphim is extremely promising. Given the continuous upgrades and enhancements by Dr. Vegapunk, they are expected to become even more formidable, justifying their place on this list.

18. Vinsmoke Sanji

sanji bounty one piece
Name of CrewStraw Hat Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation and Armament
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit

“Vinsmoke Sanji,” also known as the “Black Leg,” serves as the trusted right-hand man to Luffy.

As a crucial member of the Straw Hats, Sanji is renowned for his unique “Black Leg Style” of fighting. This style reflects his belief that a chef should never use his hands for fighting.

Currently, Sanji has awakened two basic types of Haki. However, fans speculate that he is on the verge of awakening his Conqueror’s Haki. Sanji also now possesses Germa Suit, which significantly enhances his fighting prowess.

After defeating Queen in the Wano arc, Sanji has quickly risen in the ranking for Strongest character for many fans. His most iconic moves include “Diable Jambe” and “Ifrit Jambe,” making his legs burn with blue flames!

17. Enel

enel one piece
Name of CrewDivine Soldiers
Types of Haki UsedObservation
Devil FruitRumble Rumble Fruit

Enel, the primary antagonist of the Skypiea Arc, is a character whose potential return is highly anticipated by One Piece fans. He possesses the power of the lightning devil fruit, complemented by his advanced Haki, enabling him to anticipate his opponent’s moves before they even initiate them.

Fortunately for Luffy, his rubber fruit provided immunity against Enel’s lightning-based attacks. Despite his defeat, Enel managed to flee to the moon using his enormous gold airship.

The fanbase continues to speculate that Enel may reappear to participate in the ultimate war for One Piece.

16. Eustass “Captain” Kid

kid bounty one piece
Name of CrewKid Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitMagnet-Magnet Fruit (Paramecia Type)

“Eustass Kid,” captain of the Kid Pirates, is often perceived as the least formidable pirate of the Worst Generation. His character often exudes a “side character” aura, with actions and Devil Fruit abilities that can sometimes seem nonsensical.

Despite these perceptions, Kid possesses the ability to use Conqueror’s Haki, placing him among the elite in the One Piece universe. His Devil Fruit ability, which grants him control over magnetism, is innovative, though it’s often criticized for being underutilized.

In his last known fight, Kid faced off against Shanks. Shanks emerged victorious without apparent effort, leaving Kid’s status — whether he survived the encounter or not — shrouded in mystery.

15. Trafalgar D. Water Law

trafalgar law new bounty
Name of CrewHeart Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation and Armament
Devil FruitOp-Op Fruit (Paramecia Fruit)

“Trafalgar D. Water Law” is not only part of the Worst Generation of Pirates, but he is also a qualified doctor.

He is the captain of Heart Pirates, and his devil fruit is exceptional as it can grant someone immortality through the “Immortality Operation.”

Law’s Haki is not frequently showcased, as he primarily relies on his Devil Fruit abilities in combat.

In a recent encounter, Law was on the brink of defeat at the hands of Blackbeard. However, his crewmate Bepo intervened with a timely beast transformation, turning the tide of the battle and ensuring the safety of the crew.

14. Charlotte Linlin

big mom bounty in one piece
Name of CrewBig Mom Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitSoul-Soul Fruit (Paramecia Fruit)

“Charlotte Linlin,” also known as Big Mom, is a former Emperor and the captain of the Big Mom Pirates. Since her introduction in One Piece, some fans have found her character to be less exciting compared to other emperors of the sea.

She is often accompanied by her three primary sidekicks: Prometheus, a sentient sun; Napoleon, a sentient hat; and Hera, a thunderstorm cloud.

In the climax of the Wano arc, she was defeated by Law and Kid, and subsequently thrown into lava alongside Kaido. However, their fate remains uncertain as their deaths have not been confirmed by Oda.

Her Devil Fruit power is notably advanced, granting her the ability to extract people’s souls and imbue them into inanimate objects, bringing them to life.

13. Monkey D. Dragon

Top 16 Strongest One Piece Characters, Ranked (July 2023)
Name of CrewRevolutionary Army
Types of Haki UsedUnknown
Devil FruitUnknown

“Monkey D. Dragon” holds the formidable titles of Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army and the “World’s Worst Criminal.”

He is the father of Luffy and has made only a few appearances throughout One Piece, which makes him a complete mystery.

His Devil Fruit power is speculated to be related to windstorms, and it could be either Logia or Paramecia type, as suggested by his dramatic appearance during the Loguetown Arc to rescue Luffy from Smoker.

Given his reputation as the world’s worst criminal, it’s likely that he possesses all three types of Haki, underscoring his formidable strength.

12. Roronoa Zoro

what is zoro's current bounty
Name of CrewStraw Hat Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit

“Roronoa Zoro” serves as the trusted right-hand man to Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hats. He is the most recent pirate to awaken his Conqueror’s Haki, a feat he accomplished during the Wano Arc.

Zoro is a fan-favorite character, unique in the One Piece universe for his mastery of the “Three-Sword Style.” He further enhanced this technique by integrating his Conqueror’s and Armament Haki, awakening a new variant of the Three Sword Style.

This advanced technique, known as the “King of Hell Three Sword Style,” proved so powerful that it was able to defeat a Lunarian, King who is a member of a superior race believed to have descended from the moon.

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11. Benn Beckmann

Top 16 Strongest One Piece Characters, Ranked (July 2023)
Name of CrewRed Hair Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservational and Armament
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit

“Benn Beckmann” is the second in command in the Red Hair Pirates and the person Shanks trusts the most in his crew.

His background and power levels haven’t been reported, but his appearances signify great power and authority over others.

Beckmann has yet to demonstrate Conqueror’s Haki, but given his high-ranking status within the crew, it’s plausible that he possesses this ability.

In the latest chapters, he is with Shanks at Elbaf Island as they are about to face Kidd and his crew. In the future, we might be able to witness his great power!

10. Dracule Mihawk

highest bounty in one piece
Name of CrewCross Guild
Types of Haki UsedObservational and Armament
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit

“Dracule Mihawk” is a former Warlord and one of Cross Guild’s founding members. He was known as “Marine Hunter” in his pirate days, when he became the strongest swordsman alive and still stood high to this title, with Zoro coming his way to steal this title from him!

He recently started the “Cross Guild,” which awards people for killing Marine members, just like in his old days when he used to hunt down Marines.

His swordsmanship is considered godly as it even surpasses that of an Emperor, i.e., Shanks (his former rival).

9. Sakazuki “Akainu”

Top 16 Strongest One Piece Characters, Ranked (July 2023)
Name of CrewMarine
Types of Haki UsedObservational and Armament
Devil FruitMagma-Magma Fruit (Logia Type)

“Sakazuki,” the current Fleet Admiral, is known for his role in the death of one of One Piece’s central characters, Portgas D. Ace.

Sakazuki is notorious for his fiery temper, a trait that aligns with his Devil Fruit power, the Magma-Magma Fruit. After a fierce battle against, Kuzan which lasted continuous three days, Akainu was able to defeat him and became the Fleet Admiral.

Sakazuki’s backstory was unveiled in an SBS segment in Volume 65. Aside from this, his appearances in the manga/anime have been relatively limited, often featuring him expressing anger at the chaos caused by pirates.

8. Monkey D. Garp

One Piece Chapter 1071 "Unconfirmed" Spoilers: Kizaru vs Zoro? Void Century Flashback?
Name of CrewMarine
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit

“Monkey D. Garp” is the grandfather of Luffy and the ever-famous “Hero of the Marines.” He is one of the strongest people in One Piece who do not possess a devil fruit.

He is mainly seen with Sengoku as lazing around, eating rice crackers, and drinking green tea. In recent chapters, Garp received quite a spotlight as he flexed his Conqueror’s Haki during Coby’s rescue from the Blackbeard Pirates.

“Galaxy Impact” and “Blue Hole” were the two attacks he showcased, combining Conquerors and Armament Haki.

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7. Whitebeard

whitebeard one piece
Name of CrewWhitebeard Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitGura Gura no Mi

Whitebeard was once considered the strongest pirate who competed with Roger for the title of the Pirate King. After Roger’s death, Whitebeard was recognized as the most influential and strongest pirate in the world.

Prior to forming his own crew, Whitebeard was a member of the Rock Pirates, a group that also included notable figures such as Roger and Big Mom.

Whitebeard wielded the power of the Gura Gura no Mi, a Devil Fruit that granted him the ability to generate powerful shock waves by fracturing the air as if it were glass. These shock waves could induce massive earthquakes and widespread destruction.

Following Whitebeard’s death during the Marineford Arc, his Devil Fruit was seized by Blackbeard, underscoring the immense power of the Gura Gura no Mi.

6. Kaidou

Name of CrewBeast Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitFish-Fish Fruit: Azure Dragon (Mythical Zoan)

“Kaido” is the captain of the Beast Pirates and the person known as the “Strongest Creature Alive.” The most Kaido has struggled to do something is to die, which is ironic at the same time.

He took over Wano by killing Kozuki Oden in boiling oil in front of the citizens of Wano. Kaido’s title as the “Strongest Creature Alive!” doesn’t hold any weight now, as at the end of Wano Arc, Luffy defeated him despite Luffy being taken down several times before.

Like Big Mom, Kaido was thrown into the lava after being defeated, leaving his status unknown.

5. Marshall D. Teech

one piece chapter 1080 spoilers
Name of CrewBlackbeard Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservational and Armament
Devil FruitDark-Dark (Logia Type) and Tremor-Tremor (Paramecia Type)

“Marshall D. Teech” is the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates and the potential final antagonist of the One Piece series. He can steal others’ devil fruits like he stole Whitebeard’s devil fruit during Post-Paramount War Arc.

In recent chapters, Teech was seen fighting against the Heart Pirates as the Blackbeard Pirates attacked any crew returning from the Wano Kingdom to steal their Poneglyph copies.

Fans think that Blackbeard will probably absorb another devil fruit in the future, a Zoan, to complete his devil fruit collection. The fruit might be an octopus-related fruit, which the Jolly Roger of Blackbeard Pirates indicates.

4. Shanks

shanks strongest ranking
Name of CrewRed Hair Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit

“Shanks” is the captain of Red Hair Pirates and the most mysterious person in One Piece. He was the first to showcase his Conqueror’s Haki when he saved little Luffy from a sea monster.

The fact that he has no devil fruit doesn’t hinder him from being #3 on this list! In the recent manga chapters, Shanks has gotten more screen time than ever.

He was seen in a 1v1 with Kidd at the Elbaf Island, and without breaking a sweat, Shanks beat Kidd and stole the Kidd Pirates Poneglpgh.

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3. Gol D. Roger

gol d roger strongest
Name of CrewRoger Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitNo Devil Fruit

Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, achieved it all: Wealth, Fame, Power, and the legendary treasure, One Piece. Not only did he command an extraordinary crew that consisted of members like Shanks and Rayleigh (Luffy’s teacher), but he also possessed one of the most formidable combat abilities.

He attained all of his success without the aid of any Devil Fruit powers, which makes his achievements quite remarkable. Despite not possessing any Devil Fruit abilities, his immense raw strength and mastery of Haki enabled him to compete effortlessly with any pirate.

2. Monkey D. Luffy

Top 16 Strongest One Piece Characters, Ranked (July 2023)
Name of CrewStraw Hat Pirates
Types of Haki UsedObservation, Armament, and Conqueror’s
Devil FruitHuman-Human Fruit: Sun God Nika (Mythical Zoan)

“Monkey D. Luffy” is the captain of Straw Hat Pirates and the protagonist of this series. He was the MVP of the Wano Arc as his devil fruit awakening revealed the secret of his devil fruit, and we saw how Luffy defeated the “Most Strongest Creature” without much effort.

Luffy’s awakened fruit is so much powerful that his abilities are only limited by his imagination. He can grab anything around him, including lightning, clouds, and earth, and transform them into Rubber substances.

His Devil Fruit, Sun God Nika, seems to be the biggest threat to the world government, and they constantly tried to take out Luffy. The full potential of this Devil Fruit is yet to be revealed. On top of the overpowered Devil fruit, Luffy has also mastered Conqueror’s Haki.

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1. Imu

Who is Imu, and Why is She Important in One Piece?
Name of CrewWorld Government
Types of Haki UsedUnknown
Devil FruitUnknown

“Imu” is the Supreme Leader of the World Government and the only person who can sit on the Empty Throne present in Mariejois. She has been a mysterious figure since she was introduced into the series, and the power she holds is still a mystery.

In the recent manga chapters, she received the spotlight for the first time and displayed her power by transforming into an amorphous giant, which we know nothing about. Alongside Blackbeard, she is a candidate for the last antagonist of One Piece.

According to fans, Imu’s devil fruit will be something related to the sea as “Imu,” if spelled backward, says “Umi,” which means “sea” in Japanese. So, it might be a Zoan (Mythical Model: a sea king) or a Paramecia (able to control the sea).

Because of her immense influence in the One Piece world, combined with destructive power which can eradicate an entire island in seconds, IMU is the strongest character in the One Piece world.

As the One Piece series advances towards its inevitable ending, new and powerful characters will be introduced. There are still many characters whose devil fruit is still to be awakened. Do you think we missed out on any character? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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