VA Tatsuhisa Suzuki Is Not Doing Well After The Recent Scandal

Previously, a Japanese news website published an article of Tatsuhisa Suzuki dating a girl while married to anime singer, LiSA. When this news came out in public, both LiSA and Suzuki decided to postpone all their future plans until further notice.

Now a new rumour has been going viral that Tatsuhisa Suzuki reportedly tried to take his own life. This news has been published on various Japanese news websites as well printed media newspaper.

According to the Yahoo Japan news article, a musician who knows them both closely commented this:

“LiSA fans, as well as those of the anime franchises in which Tatsuhisa has participated, were outraged by this scandal. The fact that he runs away without admitting it or apologizing is fuc*ing annoying. Instead of apologizing, Suzuki declared a suspension of activities for “poor health.” He has “hidden” without giving any press conference or explanation to his fans”

“It appears that LiSA has found out about Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s past “extra crim*s”. To avoid the media and LiSA, Tatsuhisa-san erased all the data on his phone. But this turned out to work against him, since the fact that there was nothing there showed means that he had erased everything. Therefore, after consulting with his agency, Suzuki quickly suspended activities”

One of the Journalist from the article commented this:

“The information that the Suzuki-san “attempted suic*de” was leaked by the police personnel. Not only the sports newspapers, but also the reporters of the main general newspapers collaborated to “confirm” the story.

The editorial department of Weekly Josei magazine inquired at Suzuki-san’s offices about the veracity of the rumors of the suic*de attempt. They said “As announced, he is in bad shape. We will not be able to answer your questions about your symptoms for privacy reasons.”

The musician who is close to Suzuki and LiSA also commented about LiSA’s health:

“LiSA once said that she would never be able to bear a man who cheated on her. Before marrying Tatsuhisa-san she had a relationship with a musician, who was also very handsome and had a bad habit of being unfaithful. “I’ve been through a lot of difficult times and I’m exhausted,” I remember her saying”

Both the celebrities were probably on one of the highest points of their respective careers when this scandal came out. Suzuki who is well known voice actor. He previously voiced Ban (Seven Deadly Sins) and Anos (The Misfit of Demon King Academy), Suzuki is currently voicing Draken from Tokyo Revengers.

At this point, almost every anime fan knows who LiSA is. Her anime songs for Demon Slayer franchise were an instant hit worldwide. She has also won numerous music awards for his performance in recent years.

Source: Anime News Japan

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