Why ‘Mushoku Tensei’ Wasn’t Nominated For Crunhyroll Anime Of The Year?

Crunchyroll released the nominations for Anime Awards 2021. And it came as a surprise to fans, not only worldwide, but in Japan as well, that Mushoku Tensei was not nominated for anime of the year.

Crunhcyroll nominations (which are limited to only 6) are picked up by the judges (which are individual people hand picked by Crunchyroll team). “Judges were hand-selected by Crunchyroll’s community team based on their reputation, regard, and credibility, and┬árepresent large swaths of the huge diversity that can be found in the anime fandom at large.” writes Crunchyroll while announcing the Judges.

Muhsoku Tensei anime series aired in 2 parts this year, and it was pretty popular according to Anime Trending polls. In Winter 2021 polls, the series won the anime of the season, while in Fall 2021, Mushoku Tensei came second only to Mieruko Chan. So, it was quite surprising for many fans when Mushoku Tensei wasn’t nominated for Crunchyroll anime of the year.

Fans Reaction

Many anime fans took to social media, and even Crunchyroll’s own website to express their frustration. Here are some of the fan comments taken from Crunchyroll website:

Did the judges watch any anime this year? Re:Zero and Mushuko straight robbed in a bunch of categories, while goddamn WEP somehow made it into all of them. Please for the love of anything have fan votes next year for the categories, would actually make it to where ALL of the best anime are represented. And not just those that fit the judges narrow views.

Mushoku Tensei is straight up one of the best fantasy anime in years, if not just one of the best anime. CR once again proving how little they know about anime with their nominees.

They nominate jujutsu kaisen like wtf they won last year. I know it’s because of the second cour but it make no freaken sense. Just imagine jujutsu kaisen winning again would be a huge disappointment

It is a shame that mushoku tensei has not even been nominated for Anime of the Year. Animation, story, character design, music and everything was masterpiece in mushoku tensei, but it is still not even nominated in Anime of the Year because the main character is against the political correctness of the West and SJW. This vote is meaningless because we all know the candidates are chosen by the crunchyroll judges and in the end the final selection of the winner is chosen by the judges.

Mushoku Tensei and To Your Eternity should’ve been nominated for Anime of the Year at the very least

Japanese Anime Fans Reaction

Crunchyroll’s anime of the year nomination was also shared in a popular Japanese forum, where anime fans were shocked that Mushoku Tensei was no where to be seen. Here are some of the comments:

There is no Mushoku Tensei, even though it was popular overseas?

Since the king ranking is included, it is sad that Mushoku Tensei is not included

Mushoku Tensei is in the Best Animation Award. It’s like saying garbage other than drawing, right?

It is clear that all are popular or are prioritized rankings of Sony investors

According to many fans, Jujutsu Kaisen has already won anime of the year award in 2020, so, a new anime series like Mushoku Tensei or Vivy should be given a chance in place of Jujutsu Kaisen.

What do you think that why Mushoku Tensei didn’t made it to the top 6 nominations? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Yaraon, Crunchyroll

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