Why Muzan Transforms Into A Child & A Woman?

Demon Slayer needs no introduction, as it is one of the most famous anime of this new generation. The series was introduced to the fans first in 2016 in the form of manga.

The manga was received well by critics, and in 2019, Studio Ufotable, notable for Fate Series, announced that it would be animating the manga to commercialize its success.

Demon Slayer world has many mysteries, including Why does Muzan transform into his younger self and the opposite sex? Moreover, how can he do that while other demons can’t?

In the world of Demon Slayer, every demon has a unique and peculiar ability that differentiates them from the rest. Today, we will discuss Muzan’s unique ability to change his gender.

Muzan Kibutsuji is the main antagonist of the Demon Slayer series, an immensely powerful demon that is haunting the world for thousands of years, possessing supernatural abilities. He is known as the first demon who started it all.

Muzan’s main desire is to become the perfect being, but he fears death. Known for his cruelty, Muzan orchestrates a handful of schemes and manipulates others to reach his goal of becoming omnipotent or a god.

What Is Muzan’s Ability?

muzan demon slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji’s ability is very uncommon in the Demon Slayer universe, an ability to let him change his personality, gender, and face. The ability is called “Blood Demon Art,” and Muzan is the only individual with this ability in the world.

His ability is controlled by his cells’ unique properties that also allow him to regenerate and adapt to numerous situations.

In the story, Muzan once shapeshifted into a woman for disguise while meeting with the lower moon demons, which caused the Lower Moon demons not to recognize him for a while.

Muzan also shapeshifted as an ill child of a poor family, white and pale, to keep his identity a secret from society, including the Demon Slayers.

The Main Reasons Why Muzan Shapeshifts

Although there are multiple reasons why Muzan shapeshifts into other forms (and we will break down all of them), the main reason is to hide his real identity from everyone around him and deceive the Demon Slayers so they won’t be able to recognize and kill him instantly.

Here are the three main reasons for Muzan’s shapeshifting:

1. Muzan Fears Death

All of the demons are hunted by a group called Demon Slayers, and Muzan being the boss, has the most significant threat of getting eliminated. While Muzan is indeed the most powerful demon in Demon Slayer, he is still far from being omnipotent.

By using his Blood Demon Art, Muzan can actively change his appearance to stay undercover and avoid detection by the Demon Slayers.

Muzan is afraid of dying. With the help of Blood Demon Art, the chances of Muzan’s survival are upped by a large scale, as he can blend in society and hide in plain sight where no one can see through his disguise.

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2. Muzan Wants To Manipulate People

muzan demon

Manipulation is the best part of Muzan’s Blood Demon Art. From the start, Muzan is shown as a cunning and manipulative character that uses his abilities to hurt people psychologically and make them lose their sanity and control.

Muzan uses his manipulation techniques efficiently to gain more demon soldiers under his league and uses them to wipe out the Demon Slayers’ existence.

Also, Muzan uses his shapeshifting to gather information while he manipulates the target, transforming himself into the victim’s loved ones, which makes it easier to dig into the information that he requires.

3. Psychological Warfare

By shapeshifting into a woman and a child, Muzan can easily manipulate those around him. As is the norm, people tend to drop their guard against children and beautiful women.

Moreover, if there is any danger to Muzan by appearing as a child, he will get sympathy and help from the people.

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These are the main reasons behind Muzan using his Blood Demon Art. Changing the main villain’s appearance in the story adds charm and refreshment to the Demon Slayer anime series. What will he transform into next? You must wait and find out in the next installment of Demon Slayer anime.

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