Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Died Saving People From Deadly Riptide

A couple of months before, we heard of the sudden death of Kazuki Takahashi. The man behind the Yu-Gi-Oh. His death was officially ruled out as drowning at the time, but a new report has revealed heroic deeds for which he was not previously recognized.

Yu gi oh creator

Recently, an American military official spoke to The Stars and Stripes and provided some details. The officer, named Major Robert Bourgeau, was present there that day at Mermaid’s Grotto, instructing two novice swimmers. Bourgeau saw a Japanese mother pointing to her daughter and a U.S. soldier, both caught in a riptide. A riptide is a really dangerous area with strong and unpredictable currents of water.

According to the report, the riptide was already dangerous enough, but the six-foot waves slamming amid it created a vortex effect and swiftly started pulling in the trapped swimmers. It made swimming and escaping very difficult. After they yelled for aid, Bourgeau and the other student entered the water. Thankfully, Bourgeau carried the girl and mother to safety.

yu gi oh creator cause of death
Source: Stripe.com

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In addition, Bourgeau said that he would return to the soldier after successfully guiding the ladies to the surface. But he exhausted himself trying to pull them from the vortex, and now he was in no condition to return and save the soldier. Although Takahashi stepped in to assist during the rescue, witnesses “saw glimpses of him until he vanished under the waves,” according to many sworn witness statements from the Army.

Although, in the end, all three frightened swimmers, together with Bourgeau and his students, made it to safety, despite claims that they were in imminent danger of drowning owing to the swift currents. However, Takahashi disappeared without a trace, and his corpse wasn’t discovered for another three days. Fans will never forget Takahashi for introducing us to the groundbreaking 1996 manga, anime, and video game series Yu-Gi-Oh! According to Bourgeau’s interview with Stars & Stripes, he praised Takahashi’s efforts by saying he was a hero who gave his life to rescue others.

Source: Stripes

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