10 Best Short Anime Series That You Can Watch In One Day

Anime has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, with new shows constantly being added to the already extensive list of titles. With so much content to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select a show to watch.

anime to watch in one day

Here are the top 10 anime series you can watch in one day. These shows are perfect for a lazy weekend or a rainy day when all you want to do is sit back and enjoy a captivating story. The anime shows featured on this list are composed of a limited number of episodes and are not movies.

10. Erased

erased anime like summer time rendering
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Total Time required~4 hours.
GenresSuspense, Mystery, Supernatural

“Erased” is a 12-episode anime with a straightforward plot and well-balanced pacing. The character development is strong, and although the ending may seem rushed, it is still an enjoyable watch for a day.

The series tells the tale of Satoru, a 29-year-old man with the unique ability to travel back in time a few minutes before accidents occur. He has used this power to save numerous lives. However, when he is wrongly accused of murder, Satoru employs his time-travelling ability to go back and set things right.

Unfortunately, this time, he goes back 18 years to the past, where he tries to solve the murder of his female friend “Hinazuki.” He discovers different things about his power and the factors that affect Hinazuki’s everyday life. Will he be able to correct things for good this time?

9. A Place Farther Than The Universe

Top 10 Anime Series You Can Watch In One Day and Enjoy!
Number of Episodes13 Episodes
Total Time Required~4.4 hours
GenresComedy, Drama, Adventure

“A Place Further Than The Universe” is a 13-episode anime series which is easy for everyone to understand, but the more profound meaning is for only the smart ones. The series follows a little girl trying to go to the other part of the world, Antarctica, to find the reason behind her mother’s disappearance.

The show is a bit slow-paced (in a good way), and the character development of each character is done very nicely.

“A Place Further Than The Universe” follows the story of high school girl Mari Tamaki, who is bored with her mundane life and wants to make the most out of her youth. With the help of a mysterious girl named Shirase Kobuchizawa, Mari sets out to Antarctica to search for her missing mother, an expedition member.

Along with two other girls, Hinata Miyake and Yuzuki Shiraishi, the four embark on an adventurous journey, facing various obstacles and forming a solid bond of friendship along the way.

8. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain
Number of Episodes13 Epiosdes
Total Time Required~4.4 hours
GenresPsychological, Drama, Mystery

“Serial Experiments Lain” is a 1-cour anime series with a niche appeal. It delves into dark themes and is ideal for viewers who enjoy paying close attention to the content they watch. The series explores the concept of an individual’s online persona contrasting with their real-life identity.

Premiering in 1998, it was ahead of its time as it tackled this subject before the internet became widely accessible. The show features well-paced storytelling and outstanding direction.

Lain is a young girl who is highly extroverted and does not like to socialize. One day, she receives an email from her dead classmate Chisa. As she has no idea about technology, she opens the mail on her computer technophobe. This takes her into virtual communication networks (now known as the internet).

Following this, Lain’s life takes a bizarre turn as mysterious men in black begin to follow her, seemingly aware of information known only to her. Will she manage to grasp the significance of her true self and distinguish between her real-life identity and her cyber persona?

7. 91 days

Top 10 Anime Series You Can Watch In One Day and Enjoy!
Number of Episodes12 Episodes + 1 Special Episode
Total Time Required~4.4 hours
GenresDrama, Action

“91 Days” is a 1-cour anime series with a unique plot. The show’s pacing is varied as it becomes slow in the middle and fast at the end. The character development of the main protagonist, Angelo, is done really well.

“91 Days” follows the story of Avilio Bruno (Angelo), a young man seeking revenge against the Mafia organization that killed his family. Avilio returns to the fictional town of Lawless, Illinois, and infiltrates the Vanetti family, whose boss was responsible for the murder of his loved ones.

As Avilio gains the trust of the Vanetti family, he plots his revenge, but as the plan unfolds, he discovers that there is more to the story than he initially thought. Will Angelo be able to seek revenge after so long?

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6. Angel Beats

Top 10 Anime Series You Can Watch In One Day and Enjoy!
Number of Episodes13 Episodes
Total Time Required~4.4 hours
GenresSupernatural, Drama

“Angel Beats” is a poignant 13-episode anime series that begins with a lighthearted tone but gradually takes on a more serious demeanour. Despite its slow pacing for a short series, it remains an engaging watch for a day, even if it may leave you feeling depressed for the rest of the week!

“Angel Beats” follows Otonashi, a boy who has lost his memories, as he joins the Afterlife Battlefront, a group of students fighting against a mysterious girl named Angel, who they believe to be the enemy.

As Otonashi becomes involved in the group’s operations, he learns more about the other students’ pasts and understands the true nature of the afterlife.

5. Odd Taxi

odd taxi like summer time rendering
Number of Episodes13 Episodes
Total Time Required~4.4 hours

“Odd Taxi” is a 13-episode anime series which reveals a big plot twist in the last episode of the series. The series follows a mundane life of a taxi driver who likes associating with his passengers. The series’ pacing becomes pretty fast in the last half, but the plot twist at the end makes this series very special.

“Odd Taxi” follows the story of a walrus taxi driver named Odokawa, who lives in a suburban town filled with anthropomorphic animals. One night, he picks up a passenger, a yakuza member, seeking a lost girl.

Odokawa becomes entangled in a dangerous web of crime and corruption involving several town characters as the search progresses. Along the way, he meets various interesting characters, including a celebrity alpaca, a missing idol, and a mysterious girl with a money bag.

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4. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Top 10 Anime Series You Can Watch In One Day and Enjoy!
Number of Episodes11 Episodes + 1 Movie
Total Time Required~5 hours
GenresSlice-of-Life, Drama, Supernatural

“Anohana” is a 1-cour anime series guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. The story unfolds at a steady pace, and the character development is executed perfectly. Be prepared for the ending song to evoke tears with each episode!

“Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” follows the story of Jinta Yadomi, the main character, who begins to see Menma’s ghost and is tasked with fulfilling her wish to reunite their estranged group of friends.

As they unite again, they confront their grief and guilt over Menma’s death and work towards granting her wish. Will Jinta and his friends be able to grant his wish for Menma?

3. Terror In Resonance

Top 10 Anime Series You Can Watch In One Day and Enjoy!
Number of Episodes11 Episodes
Total Time Required~3.8 hours
GenresMystery, Suspense

“Terror in Resonance” is an outstanding 11-episode anime series, evoking a nostalgic atmosphere. Although the pacing is somewhat slow, the anime effectively conveys its message. The character development in this series ranks among the finest, and the music is truly exceptional, thanks in part to the team’s journey to Iceland for recording.

The series revolves around a duo of teenage boys known as Sphinx, who terrorize the Tokyo police following a nuclear blast that devastates the city. Their threats to obliterate the entire city instill fear throughout Japan.

Unfortunately, the police cannot act effectively against “Sphinx” because of the panic created by the public. Will the police be able to stop Sphinx and uncover why these teenage boys are so?

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2. Violet Evergarden

violet evergarden anime girls
Number of Episodes13 Episodes + 1 Special Episode + 2 Movies
Total Time Required~8 hours
GenresSlice-of-life, Drama, Fantasy

“Violet Evergarden” is one of the best Slice-of-life anime series ever to be animated. The anime has so much in it that you never get tired of it. The pacing of the anime series is perfect, and the character development of the female protagonist is done beautifully (how she becomes a lady from a mindless killer).

“Violet Evergarden” follows the story of a young girl who has been trained since a young age to be a weapon, and all she knows is killing people. She is under the command of Captain Dietfried Bougainvillea, who hands the responsibility of the girl to his younger brother Gilbert Bougainvillea.

Gilbert names this young girl Violet and urges her to live his life to the fullest. Unfortunately, Gilbert goes missing after the war, leaving Violet frustrated as she has developed feelings for him. Will Violet be able to find Gilbert and convey her feelings?

1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk Game anime david
Number of Episodes10 Episodes
Total Time Required~3.4 hours
GenresAction, Sci-Fi.

“Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” was the official winner of the “Anime of The Year” during the Crunchyroll Anime Awards. It is a 1-cour anime series, and it does everything perfectly, from pacing to character development. Unfortunately, there will be no season 2 for this series. Still, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is the best anime series you can watch in one day.

The series follows the story of David suffering daily from bullying in his class because he is poor. One day, David’s mother dies because some gang members are fighting around her.

In frustration, David installs the cyberware his mother was hiding from him. After establishing the cyberware, he learns that this is the Sandevistan cyberwar which grants you fast speed. But some people are after this cyberware. Will David be able to protect this cyberware and adapt to it?

What do you think of this list? Did we overlook any of your favorite anime series? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We at Anime Senpai are eager to hear your opinions.

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