5 Most Beautiful Anime Voice Actresses & Their Characters

The world of anime is a vibrant tapestry woven by not only the skilled hands of dedicated animators but also the resonant voices of talented actors. Voice acting, in particular, breathes life into characters, transforming lines on a page into living, emotive beings.

Among the vast array of talent in the industry, certain female voice actresses have managed to stand out, not just for their vocal prowess but also for their multifaceted talents.

Top 5 Prettiest Female Voice Actors In The Anime Industry

Unlike their male counterparts, female voice actors often enjoy a more diverse career path. Beyond lending their voices to characters, they may also engage in various pursuits such as gravure modeling, singing, acting, YouTube content creation, and other exciting careers.

In this article, we will explore five of these stunning voice actresses and explore their most prominent roles.

5. Rie Takahashi

Top 5 Prettiest Female Voice Actors In The Anime Industry
Voice Acting Agency81 Produce
Famous Voice Acting Role“Emilia” from Re: ZERO

“Rie Takahashi” is a renowned singer and voice actress, celebrated for her sweet and soothing voice that has captivated her fans. However, her voice isn’t the only charming aspect of her.

With her cute appearance, she never fails to attract attention whenever she’s seen. Although she is approaching her 30s, her looks remain unaffected by her age, adding to her allure. Rie Takahashi’s affection for her fans is also noteworthy. She even playfully asked her fans to take a bath before attending her first concert, showcasing her unique personality.

In addition to her singing career, Rie Takahashi has lent her voice to several famous characters. Some of her notable roles include “Emilia” from Re: ZERO, “Hoshino Ai” in Oshi no Ko, “Megumin” in Konosuba, “Yuzuriha” in Hell’s Paradise, “Sakurasawa Sumi” in Rent-a-Girlfriend, and “Takagi” in Don’t Tease Me, Takagi-san, among many others!

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4. Yui Ishikawa

Top 5 Prettiest Female Voice Actors In The Anime Industry
Voice Acting Agencymitt management
Famous Voice Acting Role“Mikasa” from Attack on Titan

“Yui Ishikawa” is a distinguished TV and voice actress who has earned numerous awards, including “Best Voice Actress of the Year,” for her many remarkable roles. Her compelling voice is sought after by creators, as it brings characters to life in a way few others can.

Ishikawa’s mature appearance (ara, ara) enhances her allure, and while she may not look her age, her extensive list of voice-acting roles speaks volumes about her impressive professional career.

Some of Yui Ishikawa’s standout roles include “Mikasa” in Attack on Titan, “Violet” in Violet Evergarden, “2B” in Nier: Automata, “Sei” in The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, “Miyoko” in A Silent Voice, and many more.

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3. Uchida Maaya

Top 5 Prettiest Female Voice Actors In The Anime Industry
Voice Acting AgencyI’m Enterprise
Famous Voice Acting Role“Rikka” from Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions!

“Uchida Maaya” is a multifaceted talent, known as a singer, gravure model, and one of the veteran voice actresses of her generation. Her voice is characterized by its immense range, allowing her to adapt to various roles across different anime series.

As a gravure model, Uchida Maaya’s allure and attractiveness are undeniable. While her voice acting career often involves portraying young children, her real-life persona reflects a mature and sophisticated woman who has aged gracefully, like fine wine.

Some of Uchida Maaya’s standout roles include “Catarina” in My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, “Norman” in The Promised Neverland, “Rui” in Domestic Girlfriend, “Irina” in High School DxD, and many more.

2. Sora Amamiya

Top 5 Prettiest Female Voice Actors In The Anime Industry
Voice Acting AgencyMusic Ray’n
Famous Voice Acting Role“Aqua” from Konosuba

“Sora Amamiya” is a renowned singer and voice actress, celebrated not only in Japan but also internationally. Her fame can be attributed to her attractive looks and the appealing characters she voices (with the humorous exception of Aqua). Her voice, often described as beautiful and alluring, has a unique quality that captivates listeners.

Amamiya has also ventured into gravure modeling, and some of her photobooks are available online. Her foreigner-like appearance has contributed to her popularity both in Japan and abroad, making her a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry.

Some of Sora Amamiya’s standout roles include “Aqua” from Konosuba, “Nazuna” in Call of the Night, “Mizuhara” in Rent-a-Girlfriend, “Miko” in Mieruko-chan, “Elizabeth” in Seven Deadly Sins, and many more. Her talent and distinctive voice continue to make her a sought-after and respected artist in her field.

1. Akari Kitou

Top 5 Prettiest Female Voice Actors In The Anime Industry
Voice Acting AgencyRaccoon Dog
Famous Voice Acting Role“Nezuko” from Demon Slayer

“Akari Kitou” is a singer and a relatively new voice actress who began her voice acting career in 2014. She has quickly gained fame for her remarkable vocal range, capable of voicing characters from infants to elderly women.

In addition to her voice acting, Kitou started her singing career at an early age and even maintains a YouTube channel dedicated to her musical endeavors.

Like several other voice actresses on this list, Kitou has also explored gravure modeling. Her most captivating feature is her doll-like face, which never fails to enchant onlookers.

Her rise to prominence in the anime community was further propelled by the popularity of Demon Slayer and the humorous memes created by fans about Nezuko’s voice actress. These memes often joked about Kitou getting paid for doing minimal work, given Nezuko’s limited dialogue, and helped Kitou quickly become a recognizable name.

Some of Akari Kitou’s standout roles include “Kana” in Tsurezure Children, “Horikita” in Classroom of the Elite, “Kaho” in Blend-S, “Tsukasa” in Tonikaku Kawaii, and many more. Her talent and unique appeal continue to make her a rising star in the industry.

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And there you have it: The top 5 most enchanting female voice actors in the anime industry, each one a blend of talent and beauty. What are your thoughts on this list? If we missed your favorite male voice actor or if you have any other insights to share, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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