86 Eighty-Six Last 2 Episodes Will Release In March 2022

86 Eighty-Six episode 22 and episode 23 will air in March 2022. The official Twitter account of the series announced that in order the maintain the quality of the series, they are delaying the last 2 episodes.

As we previously updated that due to previous hiatuses, Eighty-Six don’t have a TV time slot where they can air the episodes. Episode 21 will air as per schedule on Dec 25, however, episode 22 can not air on Dec 31, because no new anime episode airs on New Year. On January 7, Eighy-Six time slot is occupied by a new anime series.

Here is the official statement from the Eighty-Six production committee:

The tweet translates to:

Regarding “Episode 22” and “Episode 23”, it will take some time to broadcast in order to maintain the quality. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone who enjoys it.

New release date for episode 22 is March 12, while Eighty-Six episode 23 will be released on March 19.

Eighty Six anime is based on a light novel series written by Asato Asato, and illustrated by Shirabii. The series was picked up for a manga adaptation in 2018, drawn by Motoki Yoshihara. Studio A-1 Pictures produced the anime adaptation, The first part of the anime aired in Apirl 2021, while the 2nd part aired in Oct 2021.

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