Eighty Six Last 2 Episodes Might Not Air This Season

86 Eighty Six is one of the best anime series Fall 2021 season has to offer, however, because of production issues many episodes were delayed, and now it has come to the point that the final 2 episodes might not even air this season.

Eighty Six season 1 2nd cour (or season 2) started on Oct 3rd, 2021, however, due to the production issues two episode (ep 18 &19) got delayed for 1 week.

The upcoming episode 20, of Eighty Six will air on Dec 25th, 2021, but the remaining 2 episodes don’t even have a TV slot to air. You see, there is no anime release on a new year (Dec 31), and from next onwards, the TV slot is occupied to be a new anime series.

Usually, there is a 1 week window for the delay episodes to air, if any kind of issue ever causes delay. But, Eighty Six delayed so many times, that it has now run out of TV slots/

The production committee will have to find another way to release the episode 22, and episode 23. Fans could be waiting for a lot longer, if the committee doesn’t find the solution quickly.

Eighty Six anime is based on a light novel series written by Asato Asato, and illustrated by Shirabii. The series was picked up for a manga adaptation in 2018, drawn by Motoki Yoshihara. Studio A-1 Pictures produced the anime adaptation, The first part of the anime aired in Apirl 2021, while the 2nd part aired in Oct 2021.

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