Eighty Six Season 3? What We Know So Far

Eighty Six 2nd season just aired its final episode, and now fans are wondering whether the anime will get a new season, or not? Here is everything you need to know about Eighty Six season 3.

The anime series, Eighty Six is based on a light novel series, written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabii. A-1 Pictures picked up the light novel for an anime adaptation, which aired in 2 parts in April 2021. Due to production issues, last 2 episodes were delayed till March 2022.

Is Season 3 Officially Announced?

The official website of Eighty Six anime adaptation has not confirmed season 3 of the series, however, we may have a little hint for the next season. The official Twitter account of Dengeki Bunko (light novel publishing company) tweeted with a caption “The story continues in the next battlefield”. It is still unclear whether they were hinting towards next season, or were just promoting light novels of the series.

The possibility of any anime series getting a new season depends on two major factors. The first one is having enough source material for a new season, and the 2nd season is the popularity of the series. After all, why would any studio will invest their money on something that isn’t profitable.

Is 86 Popular?

Although, it might not be as popular as ‘My Dress-up Darling’, the Eighty Six anime series is still quite popular. In Anime Trending’s Spring Anime Awards, Eighty Six secured 4th position, beating Tokyo Revengers (5th place), and To Your Eternity (6th place).

Furthermore, Eighty Six part 2 has 250k members on My Anime List (which is above average), with an impressive ratings of 8.61/10. So, In conclusion, the series is popular enough to get a new season.

Source Material

Eighty Six anime is based on the light novel series written by Asato Asato. Luckily, there is more than enough material for even 4 or 5 more seasons. There have been 11 volumes released in Japan, and the story is still ongoing. On the release of volume 7, the author of the series said that they have only reached the halfway point of the story. So, the series will get approximately 14 or 15 volumes.

So, both the major factors for a series getting a new anime season, are checked out. But, why the production committee have not announced a new season yet? As you know, the studio was already dealing with a tight schedule, and that is why some of the anime episodes got delayed. According to anime’s official website, there is a live stream event planned on April 10. Hopefully, we will get more info during the live stream.

Read Light Novel After Anime

If you want to read Eighty Six light novel after the anime, you can start from volume 4. 86 part 2 episode 12 adapted till volume 3 of the light novel. Yen Press has the official license for all the English translated light novel volumes of 86.

Manga After Anime

Eighty Six manga adaptation is illustrated by Motoki Yoshihara. The manga is way behind the anime series, and the art style is quite different, which can be a deal breaker for some fans. We highly recommend you to read the light novel from the start to get the better grasp of the story.

Will you be reading the light novels, or will wait for a new anime season? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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