All Anime Characters That Were Left Out of One Piece Live Action

While the live-action adaptation of One Piece has captivated audiences worldwide, it’s impossible to ignore the absence of certain iconic characters from the original anime and manga series.

one piece live action missing characters

Whether due to budget constraints or narrative focus, these missing faces include not just minor players but also some fan favorites. Let’s dive into the list of characters who didn’t make the cut.


hachan one piece live action

Hatchan, often referred to as “Hachi,” is a six-armed octopus fish-man who first appears in the Arlong Park Arc in the anime and manga. He is a member of the Arlong Pirates and serves as one of Arlong’s key officers.

Despite his intimidating appearance, Hatchan is the most friendly and kind-hearted member of the crew, and that is the reason he became one of the favorite characters in the series.

Fans really missed seeing Hatchan in the live-action show. But let’s be real, creating him in CGI would probably cost a lot of money. So, it makes sense that he wasn’t in the first season of the One Piece Live Action series.

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mohji one piece

Mohji is the Chief of Staff for the Buggy Pirates and makes his first appearance in the Romance Dawn Arc (the first arc) in the anime and manga. He is most often seen with his pet lion, Richie, who also serves as his main form of attack. Mohji is fiercely loyal to his captain, Buggy the Clown.

His absence from the live-action series is directly tied with Richie, the next character on our list.


richie one piece

Richie is Mohji’s pet lion and a notable member of the Buggy Pirates. He was introduced alongside Mohji in the Romance Dawn Arc. Richie is more than just a pet; he’s a formidable fighter in his own right.

With his large size and powerful jaws, Richie serves as Mohji’s primary means of attack. Despite his fearsome appearance, Richie has a somewhat comical side and is often seen getting into humorous situations.

Fans definitely noticed Richie was missing from the live-action series. After all, he’s the first big animal to show up in One Piece, so he’s kind of a big deal. But let’s face it, CGI-ing a creature like Richie would’ve been a budget-buster. That’s likely why he and his owner, Mohji didn’t make the cut for the first season.

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chouchou one piece

Chouchou is a small but brave dog introduced in the Romance Dawn Arc in the anime and manga. He’s the loyal guardian of a pet food store in Orange Town. Despite his small size, Chouchou is incredibly courageous and fiercely protective of the shop, which belonged to his deceased owner.

His loyalty and bravery captured the hearts of fans when he stood his ground against the villainous Buggy Pirates to protect the only thing left that reminded him of his owner.

It’s a bummer that Chouchou’s story didn’t make it into the live-action series. While he wouldn’t have needed any fancy CGI, the show had to cram a lot into just eight episodes. So, some storylines had to go, and sadly, Chouchou’s was one of them.


gaimon one piece

Gaimon is a unique character introduced in the Romance Dawn Arc, specifically in the “Island of Rare Animals” mini-arc. He’s known for his peculiar situation: his body is stuck in a treasure chest.

Gaimon was once a pirate who sought treasure on the Island of Rare Animals but ended up trapped in the chest and couldn’t get out. Over the years, he became the self-appointed guardian of the island’s strange and unique animals.

Unfortunately, One Piece live-action left out the whole mini-arc of “Island of Rare Animals,” which is why Gaimon didn’t make it to the live-action.

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django one piece

Django was also introduced in the Romance Dawn Arc. He is a hypnotist and a subordinate of Captain Kuro, serving as one of the main antagonists in the Syrup Village Arc.

Django wields chakrams and has the ability to hypnotize people, including his own crew, to make them stronger or more aggressive. Django was one of the central characters in the East Blue saga who gave quite a tough time to Luffy.

In the original series, his abilities made fights with Captain Kuro more intense for both Luffy and Zoro. But to keep the live-action series moving at a brisk pace, some battles had to be streamlined. Unfortunately, that meant cutting Django and his showdowns from the storyline.


johnny one piece live action

Johnny makes his first appearance in the Baratie Arc of “One Piece.” He’s a fisherman and a bounty hunter, often seen alongside his partner Yosaku.

Johnny is friends with Roronoa Zoro from their bounty hunting days, and he plays a supportive role during the Baratie and Arlong Park Arcs. He’s not a central character but adds a touch of camaraderie and humor to the series.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve a fast-paced series, Johnny was also removed from the storyline of live action.

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yusaku one piece

Yosaku is another character introduced alongside Johnny in the Baratie Arc. He is a fisherman turned bounty hunter and is best friends with Johnny. He is also acquainted with Roronoa Zoro from their shared past as bounty hunters.

He also suffered the same fate as Johnny.


momoo one piece live action

Momoo is a giant sea cow introduced in the Arlong Park Arc. Controlled by the Arlong Pirates, he is used to terrorize villages and attack ships.

Despite his intimidating size and appearance, Momoo is rather timid and easily scared, especially by Luffy and his crew. He plays a role in the Straw Hat Pirates’ confrontation with Arlong and his crew, serving as a minor obstacle for them to overcome.

Momoo may not have been a key player in the storyline, but he definitely brought some laughs. Yet, the cost of CGI to bring Momoo to life in the live-action series was likely too steep, so he was left out of the adaptation.

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tashigi one piece live action

Tashigi is a Marine officer introduced in the Loguetown Arc. She serves under Captain Smoker and is notable for her striking resemblance to Kuina, Zoro’s deceased childhood friend.

Tashigi is highly skilled in swordsmanship and has a deep knowledge and appreciation for famous swords. Her interactions with Zoro were quite humourous in the anime and manga.

She will also be appearing in the future and has many more interactions with Zoro. Although Tashigi missed out on season 1, fans should expect to see her in future adaptations alongside Captain Smoker.

Usopp’s Young Admirers

yusopp young admirers

The trio of Tamanegi, Piiman, and Ninjin are Usopp’s young admirers and members of the Usopp Pirates in the Syrup Village Arc. These children look up to Usopp as a hero and are eager participants in his harmless pranks and tall tales.

They play a crucial role in alerting the village about the impending pirate attack, showing their bravery despite their young age.

Sadly, these young admirers of Usopp didn’t make it into the live-action version of One Piece. Their presence could have added depth to Usopp’s character, which some fans feel could use more development compared to the other Straw Hat crew members.

In wrapping up, it’s clear that while the One Piece live-action adaptation has done a commendable job, the absence of these characters is felt by fans who know the richness they add to the original story.

As we look forward to potential future seasons, one can only hope that some of these memorable characters will make their way into the live-action world of One Piece.

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