Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair

In the world of Anime and Manga, distinctive traits are assigned to the main characters to differentiate them from the rest. This can involve unique hair colours, distinctive eye designs, and occasionally, a specific hairstyle known as Ahoge Hair, which resembles an antenna.

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)

The Ahoge Hair (Antenna hair) is a small stand of hair always standing on top of the head of girls in anime/manga series. Although that antenna usually has no purpose, it sure makes the character stand out from the crowd.

Here are our top 10 anime girls with the best antenna hair.

10. Lala Satin Deviluke

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime SeriesTo Lov Ru
Number of Episodes62 Episodes + 6 OVA Episodes + 2 Special Episodes
GenresRomance, Ecchi, Comedy

Lala Satin Deviluke is the princess of Deviluke and the story’s female protagonist. On top of the pink hair, she has an antenna too, which surely makes her standout from the rest of the characters in the series.

“To Lov Ru” follows the story of our female protagonist, Lala, who runs away from her home planet. After escaping, she crashed on Earth in the house of the protagonist Rito.

She requests Rito to allow her to live in his house with his sister Mikan until she wants to return home. But Lala messes up his confession to his crush Sairenji, and things get complicated. Will Rito be able to live normally with the mischievous Lala around him?

9. Haruna

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime titleIs This A Zombie?
Number of Episodes22 Episodes + 3 OVA Episodes
GenresAction, Ecchi, Supernatural

Haruni is a magical girl and one of the female protagonists of the series. Her antenna hair comprises a big long hair that extends from the top of her head.

But the series’ theme (Ecchi) would have made her cuteness less dominant. Haruna’s character is also that of an annoying little girl, which some viewers consider a cute trait.

“Is this a Zombie” is set in a world where a serial murderer inexplicably murders a socially awkward high school student called Ayumu Aikawa. He is, however, revived as a zombie by a necromancer by the name of Eucliwood Hellscythe.

Ayumu dons a magical female outfit, becomes a “Masou Shoujo,” and develops superhuman power to battle otherworldly foes.

Along with a necromancer ninja named Haruna and a vampire ninja named Seraphim, Ayumu goes on strange adventures, slaying monsters and learning the truth about how he was resurrected while attempting to lead an everyday life as a high school student.

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8. Komachi Hikigaya

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime TitleMy Teen Romantic Life- SNAFU
Number of Episodes38 Episodes
GenresRomance, Comedy

Komachi is a cute high school girl and the younger sister of the protagonist of the series, Hachiman. She is a perfect little sister who loves to support her brother whenever he is in trouble.

Komachi’s antenna hair is the average run-of-the-mill single hair that extends from the top of her head and moves whenever she feels down. Her character development is pretty good, making her an excellent character in this series.

“My Teen Romantic Life SNAFU” follows three high school students, the introvert Higigaya, the perfect Yukinoshta, and the jolly Yuigahama. Together, they are forced into a Service Club, which helps the whole school with different problems.

The catch about this trio is that they don’t get along, and their personalities are entirely different. Will these three survive in this suffocating environment and lead to development?

7. Artoria Saber

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime TitleFate (Franchise)
Number of Episodes12 Episodes + 4 OVA Episodes (Carnival Phantasm)
GenresComedy, Supernatural, Fantasy

Artoria Saber is the main female protagonist of the Fate franchise, mostly. She is one of the most potent heroic spirits and is granted chiefly to the series’s protagonist.

Saber’s antenna hair is primarily visible in the spin-off series of Fate, where it moves whenever Saber is feeling happy or sad. Her character is that of a series warrior who is very strict with her routine.

In the “Fate” series, each entry presents a different tale within the same idea, taking place in a world where wizards conjure valiant spirits to battle for the Holy Grail. Participants and their summoned Servants fight for the wish-granting artefact in the Holy Grail War.

Shirou Emiya, a high school student, and his Sabre Servant are at odds, explored in Fate/Stay Night.

The Fourth Holy Grail War is portrayed in Fate/Zero, which also explores the complicated motivations of numerous individuals. Two groups battle for supremacy in the Great Holy Grail War in Fate/Apocrypha. Each series is a battle for the Holy Grail.

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6. Rias Gremory

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime TitleHigh School DxD (Franchise)
Number of Episodes48 Episodes + 6 OVA Episodes
GenresComedy, Ecchi, Romance

Rias Gremory is a mature high school student and the female protagonist of the series. Her antenna hair is also a single hair extending from the middle of her head.

Rias’ crimson red hair is her main trademark; she is an ultimate-class devil. Her character is that of a mature woman, so seeing antenna hair on this type of character is a rarity.

“High School DxD” revolves around Issei Hyoudou, a perverse high school student slain by a fallen angel on his first date. But a strong demon named Rias Gremory manages to revive him, and he ends up serving her. Issei joins the demonic family of Rias and participates in supernatural conflicts involving angels, fallen angels, and demons.

Issei navigates a world populated by magical entities, dangerous conflicts, and passionate ecchi moments as he works to become a high-ranking demon and defend his companions. He also learns the secrets and mysteries of the supernatural world.

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5. Albedo

Overlord Season 4 release date
Anime TitleOverlord
Number of Episodes52 Episodes
GenresAction, Fantasy, Adventure

Albedo is the female protagonist of the series and a succubus. Her antenna hair comprises curly hair that extends from her top head and moves whenever she feels aroused or annoyed.

Albedo’s overall character is that of a mature woman, but her habits are that of a cute little girl asking for affection.

In “Overlord,” Suzuki Satoru, a young man bored with life and spends much of his time playing the DMMO-RPG game “YGGDRASIL,” tells his narrative. He has a character in the game called Momonga, the chief of his dark guild, a relatively powerful wizard, a giant skeleton titled “Ainz Ooal Gown,” and Momonga himself.

Satoru becomes stranded in the virtual world of the game one day while playing it and cannot check out. Also, the NPCs start to move and talk. In this anime, Ainz plays the antagonist, fighting against humanity while looking for his buddies in this strange new world.

4. Mirai Kuriyama

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime TitleBeyond the Boundary
Number of Episodes12 Episodes + 1 Movie
GenresRomance, Action, Fantasy

Mirai Kuriyama is the female protagonist of the series and a spirit world warrior. She can control the blood of her free will.

Mirai’s antenna hair comprises a small hair that pokes out of her head and moves whenever she feels annoyed or sad. Her character’s overall vibe is that of a cute person, which makes her a perfect contender on this list.

“Beyond the Boundary,” tells the tale of Akihito Kanbara, a high school student with a rare ancestry of half-humans and half-youmu. He meets Spirit World Warrior Mirai Kuriyama, who can use her blood as a weapon.

Together, they forge an improbable alliance as they battle brutal youmu monsters that imperil the harmony between the material and spiritual realms. As their connection develops, they learn disturbing truths, face their pasts, and negotiate a world rife with paranormal conflict and emotional upheaval.

3. Konata Izumi

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime TitleLucky Star!
Number of Episodes24 Epiosdes + 1 OVA Episode

Konata Izumi is one of the four female protagonists of the series. Her overall character is that of a smug person who seems to know everything.

Izumi’s antenna hair also consists of a singular curly hair poking out of her head, which moves whenever she is happy. Recently, the manga for this series returned after an eight years hiatus, making fans happy.

“Lucky Star” tells us the stories of the everyday lives of a group of high school girls and the anime series centres on their daily life. Konata Izumi, an otaku and voracious gamer, and her pals Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki are the main subjects of the programme.

Together, they negotiate the hilarious and unfunny parts of school life while having entertaining chats and referencing various pop cultures.

2. Rikka Takanashi

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime TitleLove, Chunibyou and Other Delusions!
Number of Episodes24 Episodes + 2 Special Episodes + 1 Movie
GenresRomance, Comedy

Rikka Takanashi is the female protagonist of the series and a Chunibyou (A person who acts like a child, despite being a grown-up). Rikka’s character and antenna hair are always in complete sync, as her hair moves whenever she expresses emotion.

At the end of the series, she does not overcome her Chunibyou situation and stays in a relationship with the protagonist, Yuuta.

“Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions!” tells the story of a high school student Yuuta who is trying to leave behind his condition of Chuunibyou (a mature person acting like a little kid). As soon as he starts his high school life, he embarks on Rikka, a Chuunibyou who is still in full bloom.

To avoid his Chuunibyou again coming back, Yuta tries to stop Rikka every day so that she does not act like a little child. But in doing so, some romantic development happens. Where will this development lead to in the future?

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1. Nagisa Furukawa

Top 10 Anime Female Characters Who Have Antenna Hair (Ahoge Hair)
Anime TitleClannad (Franchise)
Number of Episodes47 Episodes + 2 OVA Episodes
GenresDrama, Romance, Supernatural

Nagisa Furukawa is a shy high school girl and the female protagonist of the series. Nagisa’s antenna hair perfectly matches her cute character, so she is #1 on this list.

Her antenna hair consists of two strands poking out of her top head. Her romance progression with Tomoya’s protagonist goes pretty smoothly throughout the series.

“Clannad” follows Tomoya, a high school student trying to find meaning in life as he has always suffered from family stress because of his drunk father.

One day, he meets Nagisa, a cute high school student who tries to act serious about everything. Tomoya starts to witness Nagisa every day, and this leads to him developing some feelings for Nagisa. Will this be the right thing to do?

There you have it: The top 10 anime girls with antenna hair. Let us know what you think of this list in the comments below. We here at Anime Senpai would love to know what you guys think!

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