Arcane Season 2 Release Date, Riot’s CEO Gives Disappointing News

It has been about one and a half years since the first season of Arcane, based on the popular game, League of Legends, premiered on Netflix. The show was not only a big hit among gamers, but it also attracted many other Netflix viewers. As with most successful series these days, a sequel announcement usually follows quickly.

That is precisely what happened when Riot officially announced that Arcane Season 2 was in production. The first season took nearly six years to complete, so it was somewhat expected that Season 2 wouldn’t be released immediately. However, a recent statement from Riot’s CEO confirmed that fans will have to wait quite a while longer before they can enjoy more Arcane.

In an interview posted on Bilibili, Riot’s CEO, Laurent, was asked about Arcane Season 2. He mentioned that he had already seen the third episode of the new season, but added that “it was not ready yet.”

Laurent went on to explain that they didn’t know Arcane Season 1 would be such a huge success, and if they had, they would have started working on Season 2 sooner. He also emphasized that they don’t want to compromise the quality of the show just to release it earlier, which is another reason for the delay.

As mentioned earlier, the first Arcane season took almost six years to finish. If the production team began working on Season 2 in late 2021, it is estimated that the new season won’t be released for another two to three years.

The first season of Arcane followed the story of Vi, Jinx, Victor, Ekko, and Caitlyn. While Season 1 mainly focused on Vi and Jinx, the other characters played supporting roles. Season 2 will continue the Piltover and Zaun storyline, further exploring the stories of Jinx and Vi while also introducing new characters.

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