Are Sukuna and Itadori Related? – Explored

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga series has entered its final stage, but some questions are yet to be answered, including: Is Sukuna a distant relative of Yuuji? If he is, how are they, Sukuna and Itadori, related?

Although the series is about to end soon, Gege-sensei has not really given a particular answer about Sukuna’s lineage.

For quite some time now, Yuuji, the son of the main atrocious villain, Kenjaku, is somehow speculated and theorized to belong to Sukuna’s lineage.

Itadori Yuuji and Sukuna not only share the same hair color but have more complex similarities to each other.

If Sukuna and Itadori are related, how so? Here are several theories backed up by pieces of evidence scattered throughout the manga series by Gege-sensei. These pieces of evidence will help us identify if Itadori Yuuji is the descendant of Ryomen Sukuna.

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Uncanny Resemblances

The most crucial evidence that provides a subtle hint of Sukuna being a distant relative of Itadori is their looks.

Sukuna has iconic pink hair, which belongs to the family of Itadori. Well, not just Itadori, but his father, Jun Itadori, and his grandfather, Wasuke Itadori.

Not only do their hair colors match, but the facial structures also have some resemblance. Even though Sukuna has reached his maximum potential since chapter 237 of the series, he retained his original form.

After Sukuna moved from Itadori’s body to Megumi’s, he obviously changed the vessels, but later on, he managed to retain his original form by suppressing Megumi’s soul.

Even Sukuna’s prime form has pink hair, which resembles the Itadori’s bloodline.

Identical Souls

Sukuna and Yuji have identical souls. One might think it might be a coincidence, but looking back at chapter 22, Gege-sensei’s evidence begs to differ. In chapter 22, Mahito explains how the soul is the building block of a human, which shapes the body.

Considering Sukuna is a solo individual who needed a vessel to regain his original form, his soul is definitely different from everyone else’s.

Sukuna’s soul is inside Yuuji’s body, in total control of the Malevolent Shrine.

At the beginning of the series, when Mahito tries to temper with Itadori’s soul, he accidentally touches Sukuna’s soul, too.

This leads Mahito into pure terror, where Sukuna himself warns him not to temper with the boy’s soul.

When Itadori enters his consciousness, he meets Sukuna’s soul inside his body. As stated before, everyone’s souls differ from each other, but Sukuna’s soul is totally identical to Itadori’s. The only difference is their body marks.

What Gege-Sensei Has Confirmed?

Gege-sensei is known for his eccentric plot lines and for leaving behind mysterious pieces of evidence for their fans to theorize.

Although Gege-sensei has not confirmed anything about Itadori and Sukuna’s relationship, he left minor hints for the fans. Since the beginning of the series and up to this day, fans still love to theorize about Itadori and Sukuna’s relationship.

Apart from the theories, Gege-sensei deliberately draws Sukuna and Itadori on particular unique illustration pages together. This always causes a stir on social media within the fan base and never fails to amaze everyone.

Both Sukuna and Itadori, drawn together by Gege-sensei on the cover of Weekly Shounen Jump

Last but not least, all of these are fan theories and should not be taken with a grain of salt. Sooner or later, Gege-sensei will provide us with a proper explanation of the relationship between Itadori and Sukuna.

Do you think Sukuna and Yuji are related? Let us know in the comments section below.

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