Attack on Titan Manga Editor Is Teasing Something New Related To The Series

The “Attack on Titan” manga series concluded in April 2021, and its anime adaptation is also nearing its end. However, recent teasers suggest that something new is in the works for the franchise.

attack on titan new project

The anime series, now in its fourth and final season, has been divided into multiple parts. The last segment, titled “Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 2,” is slated for release in Fall 2023.

Fans believed this would mark the end of the series, but recent developments have sparked new speculation.

On the 14th anniversary of “Attack on Titan,” Shintaro Kawakubo, the manga’s editor, announced that new information would be released on October 4th. Kawakubo’s tweet translates as follows:

“Today is September 9, 2023. It has been 14 years since the serialization of ‘Attack on Titan’ began. I’m finally about to fulfill a promise I’ve often discussed with everyone during the series’ run! We plan to release new information starting October 4, so please follow @shingeki_FLY for updates.”

attack on titan new account on x
The profile picture of the new X account is a new illustration drawn by Hajime Isayama (series creator)

While some fans speculate that this could be the exact release date for the final anime chapter, the creation of a new Twitter account, @shingeki_FLY, suggests that the announcement might be even more significant.

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Speculations range from the unveiling of a new game to the launch of an official “Attack on Titan” website. However, it’s unlikely that Hajime Isayama will return to write a sequel, despite the series’ open-ended conclusion.

In a past interview, Isayama dismissed the idea of a sequel or spin-off, stating, “There’s no reason for any sequel or derivative work. Although we’ve received many requests from fans, it’s not possible. In fact, I’m quite exhausted, and my next project is still undecided.”

While attending the Anime NYC convention in November 2022, Hajime Isayama admitted that he was aware of Attack on Titan’s controversial ending, saying, “I am aware that the ending of Attack on Titan was quite controversial. I am open to receiving people’s honest opinions. However, I would appreciate it if you’d be kind to me.”

The “Attack on Titan” manga series has been brought to life in anime form by two different studios: Wit Studio and MAPPA. Initially, Wit Studio handled the animation for the first three seasons. However, they stepped away from the project due to financial constraints.

Taking over the reins, Studio MAPPA continued the animation for “Attack on Titan” through its conclusion. The studio released the first part of the final season in December 2020, followed by the second part in January 2022. The third and final part has been split into two special segments.

The first special premiered in March 2023, while the second special is scheduled to air during the Fall season, between October and December.


It remains uncertain whether Shintaro Kawakubo’s announcement pertains to a new project or something less exciting. For now, all we have is a date—October 4—and a new Twitter account to keep an eye on.

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