Attack on Titan’s Author Apologizes to MAPPA Before the Final Episode Airs

After almost ten years of waiting, the anime phenomenon “Attack on Titan” is about to end, with the final 85-minute episode airing on November 4, 2023.

Attack on Titan Author Apologizes to MAPPA Before The Final Episode Airing

Where fans have dedicated their hearts in anticipation for this episode, the author of this series also added his twist by apologizing to the anime studio animating his beloved series.

On November 1, 2023, Hajime Isayama, the author of Attack on Titan, delivered a message to the production team of his manga’s anime adaptation at MAPPA Studios.

This message was more like an apology letter from Isayama. The official Attack on Titan X (formerly Twitter) account shared Isayama’s message as follows:

hajime isayama attack on titan

In this tweet, Isayama started by thanking his fans for sticking with this series for ten long years. He later dived into the controversial ending of Attack on Titan.

He tells how hard it was for him to draw the climax of Attack on Titan, thinking it might be equally as problematic for MAPPA to animate that climax.

So he apologized twice to the animation studio but showed his curiosity over how this climax would turn out in the anime.

He ended his message by saying he drew some rough drafts for the last part of the final chapter of Attack on Titan anime. So everyone should watch the episode till the end.

Hajime Isayama and Apologies

Attack on Titan Author Apologizes to MAPPA Before The Final Episode Airing

In the past, Isayama has apologized many times to his fans regarding the unsatisfactory ending of the Attack on Titan series. He also regretted giving his beloved manga such a controversial climax.

He has even apologized to MAPPA studio before for production issues after the Attack on Titan project was shifted to them on short notice from Wit Studio.

This shows how sensitive Isayama is to criticism. All he wants is for his fans to enjoy what he draws, but due to fans’ ongoing hate comments, he cannot stop apologizing now.

The Rough Drafts From Isayama

As the author revealed himself, some drafts will be included in the later part of the final episode of Attack on Titan. But don’t get your hopes up, as this will not be some additional story animation.

These rough drafts will most probably be some art drawn by Isayama, which will be included in the ending song of this episode.

The Controversial Ending of Attack on Titan (Spoilers)

Attack on Titan Author Apologizes to MAPPA Before The Final Episode Airing

Attack on Titan ends with Mikasa entering the mouth of the Founding Titan, decapitating Eren’s head, and embracing his lips as the Rumbling halted for good.

A similar intimate scene was about to happen in chapter 50, which was revealed by the editors of Attack on Titan.

In this chapter, when Eren, for the first time, activated his Titan powers, an intimate scene was supposed to happen with Mikasa kissing Eren. However, Isayama was too shy to draw this scene at that time.

So, he most probably expressed the same thought during this apology message.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you also excited about the final episode of the final part of the final season of Attack on Titan? Let us know in the comments below.

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