Bleach Reveals Stunning New Trailer For Thousand Year Blood War Arc

During the Bleach panel at Anime Expo, a new trailer was released by Viz Media for “Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc” highlighting the new characters that will become a huge threat to the existence of Soul Society. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc is scheduled to premiere in October 2022, produced by Studio Pierrot.

A video message was shared at the panel, recorded by Bleach creator, Tite Kubo. In the video, Tite Kubo said that fans could expect a modern coloring and a refreshing new look for the anime series. Tite Kubo revealed that he is closely involved in the production process of the anime. He also acknowledged the fact the some scenes were censored in the anime but he wants to add them back as soon as possible. A new key visual was revealed, highlighting the Shinigami and the Quincy in two panels.

Bleach New key visual

What is the plot of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood war? Bleach: The new arc tells the story of Quincys uprising. The Quincys were human beings who had the ability to detect hollows, but instead of purifying hollows like Shinigami do, they started destroying them. Shinigami started killing Quincy as they believe that Quincy were destroying the balance of the world by killing hollows.

It was believed that all Quincy except Ishida’s family has been destroyed, but later it is revealed in the manga that they weren’t exterminated, but were hiding and growing in power. After the defeat of Aizen, they declared war on the Soul society.

Bleach new series will be directed by Tomohisa Taguchi (Twin Star Exorcists, Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World, Akudama Drive), who is replacing the previous director, Noriyuki Abe. The character design of the series will be done by Masashi Kudo, and music composition will be done by Shiro Sagisu. Both also worked on previous Bleach arcs. All the cast from Bleach anime is returning to reprise their roles.

The anime series is based on the manga of the same name, written and drawn by Tite Kubo. Bleach was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in August 2001. The manga ended the publication in August 2016. All the manga chapters have been collected into 74 volumes. Studio Pierrot picked up the manga for anime adaptation which adapted the first 54 volumes of the manga. All the remaining manga volumes will be adapted in the new Bleach: Blood War Arc anime series.

Source: ANN

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