Bleach TYBW Arc Episode 11 Release Date, Time, Preview, and Where to watch

Bleach has been one of the anime of the year, and it is no surprise that it is taking over the charts all around the globe.

bleach tybw arc episode 11

It is reported that Bleach TYBW will have almost 52-56 episodes in total, and would be divided into four parts.

The latest episode of the series continues the action between Unohana and Zaraki as they both fight for the title of Kenpachi.

Despite being one of the strongest captains in Gotie 13, Unohana single-handedly toys with him throughout the battle.

We also got to see the backstory of Kenny and Unohana about how they meet each other a few hundred years ago.

According to Unohana, when Zaraki was a kid, he was way more potent than his current state, but since he couldn’t find opponents who could keep up with him, he slowly restrained himself.

One of the most awaited moments in the series was finally animated. That was none other than Unohana Bankai Minazuki, which allowed her to heal herself countless times.

On the other hand, Zaraki awakened his true potential and successfully defeats Unohana and claimed the title of Kenpachi.

Meanwhile Kon, Ichigo and Renji successfully enter the Hoohden and meet the number one Zanpakuto creator Etsu Nimaiya.

He assigns them the task to protect themselves from swords in a dark underground space until he returns.

Although Renji passes the test Ichigo was unable to clear the task and was sent back to his past to learn about his origins.


Bleach TYBW arc episode 11 preview images have been released.

Episode 11 Release Date & Time

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc episode 11 is scheduled to release on December 19, 2022. Fans in the US can watch the series on Hulu, while fans in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada can watch the series on Disney Plus. Disney Plus has yet to announce the release date for Latin America and most of Europe. 

Here is the release date and time for the international audience.

  • Pacific Time – 8:30 AM PT (Monday)
  • Central Time – 10:30 AM CT (Monday)
  • Eastern Time – 11:30 AM ET (Monday)
  • British Time – 4:30 PM GMT (Monday)
  • European Time – 5:30 PM CEST (Monday)
  • India Time – 9 PM IST (Monday)
  • Philippine Time – 11:30 PM PST (Monday)
  • Japan Time – 12 AM JST (Tuesday)
  • Australian Time – 2 AM ACDT (Tuesday)

Where to watch:

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll would not be streaming the anime. However, viewers can watch it on Disney+, although you need to have a premium subscription to be up to date with the latest episode. Fans from the US can watch the series on Hulu.

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