Disney Plus Won’t Simulcast Bleach TYBW In Latin America And Most of Europe

Published on October 11th, 2022

After a decade of absence, the Bleach anime series has returned to the small screen with the “Thousand Year Blood War Arc” first episode, releasing on October 10. Fans in the US watched the first episode on Hulu, fans in Asia watched the series on Ani One Asia, and fans in Europe and Latin America are still waiting for Disney Plus to release the episode.

Bleach anime Europe Latin America

Disney Plus has streaming rights for Bleach’s “Thousand Year Blood War” to international fans; however, only 5 countries (UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada) have received the first episode so far. It looks like Disney Plus won’t simulcast (release the episode same day as Japan’s premiere) Bleach’s final arc for most of the countries in Europe and Latin America.

Previously, Disney Plus also gained exclusive streaming rights for Summer Time Rendering anime, whose episodes were delayed weeks and months from the official Japanese premiere. Many regions had a different release date for the Summer Time Rendering. It looks like Bleach’s final arc is heading to the same route, with each region or country having a different release date for the episodes.

Some fans from Latin America reached out to Disney Plus Help Twitter account to discuss this issue. Disney Plus responded that this time they have not included Bleach in the Latin American region. Dinsey Plus hasn’t responded to Bleach fans from Europe so far.

bleach disney plus Europe Latin America

The first episode of the Bleach TYBW arc was leaked/released 1-day early (even before the official Japanese premiere) and made its way to several illegal streaming sites. If Bleach’s situation for Europe and Latin America remains the same, fans will be forced to use not-so-legal means to watch the new episodes.

Why is Disney+ Is Delaying The Episodes?

According to some fans’ speculation, Disney is behind schedule on subbing the episodes in different languages, which might be why Bleach’s new episodes are delayed.

We got Bleach’s official streaming platform confirmation just a week before the official premiere. Disney might have been sorting things out with Crunchyroll about removing Bleach’s previous episodes from Crunchyroll and finalizing the deal. Hopefully, fans will get some official confirmation from Disney Plus, clearing doubts about the current situation.

Fans want to support the creators of the series by watching the series officially, but if the situation persists, there is no other way than to turn to not-so-official sources. What are your thoughts on Disney Plus current situation? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

11 thoughts on “Disney Plus Won’t Simulcast Bleach TYBW In Latin America And Most of Europe

  1. Disney is spitting in the face of anime fans all around the world by hogging the rights to the series and then only simulcasting it in very select few regions. This is exactly what corporations do if they get control.

  2. I don’t care about subtitles in my native language! They could release the episodes in all countries with Eng subtitles and have a message saying thst they are working on subtitles for that particular language. Let your users decide on that! I prefer Eng subtitles over my orig language. Always!

    1. I’m sad and disappointed if I can’t watch bleach on Disney + or any sites that is official. But if situation demands it, I’m gonna watch Bleach some other sites ☹️ greetings from Finland.

  3. It’s not only Disney who fu**** up.
    Bleach creators got greedy and went for the money.
    Anybody with an IQ higher than 2 digits knows Disney has a complete disregard for anime culture and its community.
    To hand over your creation to such a platform in detriment of your fans for an extra buck… shame on you!
    Long live torrents!!!

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