Blue Lock Chapter 150 Spoilers, Release Date & Raw Scans

The scans for Blue Lock chapter 150 are out. It looks like finally, after the latest intense arc against the Japanese U-20 team the Blue Lock players are finally getting their break. With the latest chapter titled, ‘Day Off.’ And since the leaks are already out, let’s jump right into the spoilers, and when you can expect to see the chapter drop.

Chapter 149 Recap

In the previous chapter, we saw the victorious Blue Lock players celebrate after their win over the U-20 team.

As the players celebrated in the locker room, with almost all of them in celebratory moods. Ego walks in and reminds the team of two essential things. The first is that this victory is only the first of many, and it shouldn’t be the peak of their football careers. The second thing that Ego reminded them of was that although Isagi was the one with the spotlight in this game there will be equal opportunities for all Blue Lock players down the line. All they have to do is seize the opportunity as Isagi did.

With that Ego congratulates the team and almost everyone leaves to enjoy a feast. Two players remain in the locker room, Yoichi Isagi, and Rin Itoshi. Isagi tries to thank Rin, telling him that without him that goal wouldn’t have been possible. To which Rin replies, go die Isagi, now claiming Isagi to be his rival. Leaving Isagi with the words, I’ll definitely kill you. To which Isagi simply responds, you can try, as he too exits the locker room.

Chapter 150 Spoilers

Some raws for the upcoming chapter are already out so there are confirmed spoilers below, you have been warned.

This upcoming chapter will start off with our main trio, Bachara, Isagi, and Chigiri at a cafe in the Shibuya District. The Blue Lock players are being rewarded after their intense game against Japan’s U-20 team. Due to their victory Ego has decided to let them out into the world for a day off, free from the Blue Lock program building.

As the three enjoy their drinks, Isagi asks why didn’t anyone else join them. To which Chigiri responds, he tried to ask Raichi and Niko, but they couldn’t make it, and Hiori lives too far away. Bachara says that he tried to invite Igarashi but he was busy helping with his parent’s temple, and he wasn’t able to contact Gagamaru, who was up in the mountains.

Chigiri also mentions wanting to contact Kunigami but follows up by saying that he never got his contact info. The group goes quiet for a second before Isagi mentions that he tried inviting Nagi, but he woke up late and is taking a long time.

The group then starts to point out how they are celebrities now. With Chigiri showing them an article on his phone about how the Blue Lock players have revolutionized Japanese soccer. As Bachira and Isagi eagerly read up on their article Chigiri notices Reo, Kenyuu, Jyuubei, Tabito, Aoshi, and Otoya grouped together nearby. The three of them walk up to the big group and ask them what they are all doing together in Shibuya, to which they all give different answers.

Reo tells them that they were in a stock market study session together. Kenyuu’s response was, they were consulting to launch their own new apparel brand. Jyuubei said he was attending their stylish cutting-edge summit. Tabito explains that they were discussing their futures. Whilst Aoshi explains that he was just listening in on them. Lastly, Otoya says that he was checking out the ecosystem of girls in Shibuya.

Reo then asks Isagi why Nagi isn’t there with them, to which Nagi replies just in time. Sending Isagi a message telling him he got distracted on the way there by a new arcade, so he’s busy checking that out. The group then agrees to just meet Nagi there and they all go and chill in the arcade together.

After a while, Reo suggested that they all go karaoke-ing to which the group of boys agree. Whilst finding an open room, Bachira and Isagi accidentally bump into Oliver Aiku and the rest of the U-20 team. Though Aiku is fine the rest of the U-20 team are kind of upset to see the team they lost to, so recently as well.

To make things lighter and fun Aiku suggests a bet. Whichever team loses has to pay for everyone’s dinner, after a bit of consulting the teams agree to have a bowling showdown. Inside the bowling alley as Aikue sets up the names for everyone, the Blue Lock players run into Barou who is playing alone. After seeing him hit a strike the team approaches him. To which Barou responds that he feels disturbed and that they are ruining his sanctuary. Although he does join up with them. Setting up chapter 151, a Blue Lock vs U-20 bowling showdown!

Chapter 150 Raw Scans

Chapter 150 Release Date

Chapter 150 of the series, titled ‘Day Off’ is set to release officially in English on Wednesday, November 3rd. Blue Lock is also receiving an anime adaptation in 2022.

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