Blue Lock Chapter 237 Spoilers: The Winner is Settled!

After going through multiple points of uncertainty, the Blue Lock Manga series is finally set to conclude one of the most crucial matches of the series, Bastard Munchen vs. Ubers Italy.

Serving as the critical character development of Hiori, this match is one of its kind.

The weekend has arrived, bringing us to the anticipated Blue Lock chapter 237 spoilers. For this week, the spoilers arrived a day late. If you are unfamiliar, the norm of Blue Lock spoilers is each Friday or Saturday.

Blue Lock Chapter 237 Spoilers

The previous chapter had significant developments for Hiori Yo, who almost considered resigning from Blue Lock.

Thanks to Isagi’s positive mindset, he stops Hiori from leaving Blue Lock and wants him to shoot again to prove his theory that will lead the team to victory.

In this article, we will detail the Blue Lock chapter 237 spoilers! Blue Lock’s next installment is scheduled for October 18, 2023!

Blue Lock Chapter 237 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, Blue Lock Chapter 237 will be titled “Center of The World.”

The match continues with Isagi and Hiori keeping their pair stronger than ever and pushing forward for their team’s victory.

At the end of the last chapter, Hiori manages to get the ball, but Lorenzo and Niko arrive, charging at him from each side. Niko and Lorenzo are competing against Hiori and Isagi and plan to crush them.

Hiori is irritated by their team-up, and instantly, Isagi arrives from behind and asks Hiori to follow him. Before following him, Hiori did a heel flick that served as a pass for Isagi, and then it went back to Hiori again.

His dribbling skills shine brighter than ever, and on the other hand, his ego is again taking over. Lorenzo and Niko are both fascinated by Hiori’s dribbling and heel flick.

Hiori cannot stop his thoughts of leaving Blue Lock, and clouds again block his vision.

Abdi arrived from Ubers to stop Hiori, but behind Abdi, Isagi arrived to stop him. Hiori passes the ball to Isagi and claims that he is just playing this match to test if Isagi is the real deal and if he had the best key in the match to make him a King.

Isagi then passed the ball back to hiori, and seeing him pass the ball, Hiori wanted to see the world around him change after scoring the goal himself.

Hiori finally knows how it feels to expect from himself, and his desire to play football rises.

As soon as Hiori got Isagi’s pass, he again thought he would quit football after this match and keep up the passing momentum.

Hiori passes the ball again, but before it can reach the hands of an Uber player, Yukimiya blocks it.

Thirty-eight meters to go until Hiori reaches the goalpost, and he believes he can get through the players.

Hiori watches Isagi being guarded by Aryuu and some other Ubers players. He hesitates to pass as he is in everyone’s sight, and his move will be predicted.

Hiori watches Isagi, sees him hesitating, and wants him to run away from the Ubers players so he can pass the ball to him.

A few moments later, we are welcomed by a flashback of the previous chapter, where Isagi asks Hiori to do everything reflexively and always stay one step ahead of their imagination.

Remembering the moments, Hiori has finally found a way to make Isagi’s theory possible and will help him to become the King of The Field while he becomes the main focus of the world.

The chapter ends with Hiori chasing his dreams and planning to become the center of the world.

The spoilers also reveal that the next chapter is finally set to conclude the match after long anticipation and will be 22 pages long. It will be titled “Dreamers!”

Blue Lock is available to read in Tankobon compilation format, as the manga is not translated every week. The chapter will be available to read as soon as a brand new volume is released! Kodansha US provides the English localization of volumes!

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