Blue Lock Chapter 247 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Series’s Finale Begins

The awaited moment of Blue Lock chapter 247 spoilers has arrived after an extensive period due to magazine breaks.

Bastard Munchen and France PXG teams are now preparing for the final battle to claim the throne of Blue Lock.

Blue Lock chapter 247 spoilers

After the match between PXG and Barcha came to a conclusion, the net-worth billboard was released, which Rin Itoshi dominates with a whopping worth of 198 Million Yen.

The coach of PXG has set a pawn for their match, the duo of Rin Shidou, in the middle of the field.

Here are the Blue Lock chapter 247 spoilers and raw scans!

These spoilers are the courtesy of @Rayuga and @Hoshi on Twitter/X!

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Blue Lock Chapter 247 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

Blue Lock chapter 247 begins with a flood of criticism of Nagi and Reo, who keep losing repeatedly. Reo scrolls the comments, and they are mainly about Nagi.

Rin says Nagi and Mikage are dragging their feet, so their annual salary regularly takes a hit. While Seshiro is a one-hit wonder, Nagi’s and Reo’s salaries are going down in dangerous territory, says Chris.

Reo advises Chris to leave and rebuild his team, or there will be a risk of losing their future games. As this is a crucial moment, Reo thinks about removing Nagi from the team’s regulars.

The focus shifts towards Nagi and Reo in a locker room. Reo asks Nagi to play safe and more defensive for both of them, as their earnings have dropped dramatically. Nagi has been thinking the same thing and asks Reo to change.

Nagi had been witnessing the comments about him, and one of them clicked something in his mind. After winning against Isagi, Nagi loses his heat of soccer, and he always feels lost. However, some of the comments were a force of motivation that made Nagi all fired up and ready for his next game.

Reo and Nagi decide to revamp their strategies, and the focus now shifts toward Germany’s Team Monitoring Room, where Noa is strategizing the team’s placement.

Noa wants the team to work around multiple options while focusing on offense and defense. If they do not reach first, their hard work would mean nothing. As Noa leaves the monitoring room, Jinpachi Ego enters.

Ego greets Noa, meets with Yukimiya, and announces he has a speech to present to his team members before the final match begins. Ego asks everyone what they mean by originality. Is it their playstyle or the value attached to them?

From Ego’s perspective, originality is not an aspect someone is born with; instead, it is more of “hunger,” which makes players follow their destined path. In the Neo-Egoist league, one needs to follow the role they are asked to play.

With Ego explaining originality to the players, he ensures everyone is ready to reach their maximum potential in the next match. The chapter concludes with the announcement of Isagi-Kaiser vs. Rin-Shidou.

There is no break next week; Blue Lock chapter 247 will be released on 17 January 2024.

Both teams are now ready for the grand finale. Blue Lock returns with a new installment very soon! The series is available to read onĀ Kodansha’s website!

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