Bocchi The Rock! Author Debunks Online Myths Surrounding Title Creation

Bocchi The Rock! was a Fall Season phenomenon in 2022. No one expected it to get so big and beat some of the most popular anime series in ratings. A few months ago, the author of Bocchi the Rock!, Hamaji Aki, attended an anime convention. She had an exciting experience during that convention, which she shared on social media. So, we can assume that the life of Hamaji Aki changed because of Bocchi the Rock! But recently, some online users have been making up some things about Bocchi the Rock! and Hamaji-sensei was not happy about these rumours.

Pixiv, an online media platform, shared a post about how the title “Bocchi The Rock!” was formed. Bocchi The Rock! author denied everything this post said on Twitter and expressed her sorrow on how people seem to make up things themselves!

Bocchi The Rock Author is Suffering From Success

Pixiv shared a post regarding Bocchi The Rock! This post explained the reason behind the title “Bocchi The Rock!”. It told us that the nickname “Bocchi” of the story’s protagonist, Gotou Hitori, was derived from the nickname of Masafumi Gotoh, the lead vocalist of the band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (a popular J-pop music band), which was “Gotchi”.

It also tells us about the location of the protagonist, Gotou Hitori. In the anime, Gotou Hitori is said to live in Kanazawa District in Yokohama. This is because the author of this series, Hamaji Aki, was also born in this district.

Ultimately, it explained how the title “Bocchi The Rock!” was formed. It was titled after the book of Masafumi Gotoh (the same person who was an inspiration for the nickname of Gotoh) named, “GOTCH GO ROCK!”. This book was released in 2006 in Japan.

The Reaction of the Author

Aki Hamaji posted on Twitter on 18 February regarding this Pixiv post:

In this post, Aki-sensei explained her confusion about how she came across this post about the title of her manga series, and she didn’t even know about this. She also added a humorous comment at the end, saying that urban legends start this way!

She further tweeted:

In this post, Aki-sensei explained how she feels the need to correct the information Pixiv provides, as many people tend to believe whatever is written on this website. She added that a lot of fans were reading that information on Pixiv and believing it that it was true, so she felt like correcting the wrong information.

Reaction from fans

The fan’s reaction to this favoured Aki-sensei because if the author says it is invalid, there is no room for debate. Some comments are:

Ah, the Pixiv Encyclopedia, the place where crazy people can share their theories and pass them off as truth


Most Internet rumors end in disappointment


Are you serious? Now I will have to believe only the official publications


What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the Pixiv origin of Bocchi The Rock! is actual? Let us know in the comments down below!

Source: Otakomu

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