Bocchi The Rock! Spin-Off Manga Main Character Revealed

After a successful season 1 of Bochi the Rock! that massively boosted manga sales, Aki Hamaji has decided to make a spin-off of the hit manga.

Serialized in 2017 in the Manga Time Kirara Magazine, Bocchi the Rock! is about the lonely and socially awkward Hitori Gotou, a talented guitarist who wishes to perform on stage one day. 

One day, she is invited to join the Kessoku Band, a small high school band, by the drummer Nikita Ijichi. She meets the other band members and works on improving as a band and performing more in their limited time as high school students.

The success of the anime had a knock-on effect on the manga, catapulting sales to 2 million copies, making it one of Houbunsha’s most successful manga. 

Unsurprisingly, the publishers want to capitalize on the sudden increase in hype and sales. 

The spin-off was announced in January, and the contents and main character were teased.

In April, the main character of the spin-off was teased:

But recently, it has been confirmed that Kikuri will be the main character of the manga. Kikuri Hiroi, a 25-year-old alcoholic and a bassist and vocalist for the band Sick Hack who regularly gives Hitori Gotou advice.

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The main character visual was revealed on Twitter:

The official synopsis of the spin-off manga reads:

“Hiroi Kikuri, 25, riddled by debts, values alc*hol and bass more than life itself while living in a 52-year-old apartment without a bathroom with a murky history. This is his story.” 

The spin-off manga will be titled Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden: Hiroi Kikuri no Fukazake Nikki (Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden Hiroi Kikuri’s Deep Sake Diary). The release date hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but we should expect news soon.

While fans anxiously await Bocchi the Rock season 2, a spin-off manga series will be a great way to pass some time.

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