[Break] Black Clover Chapter 339 Spoilers, Release Date & More

Last week’s exciting and info-filled chapter taught us a lot about Asta’s new pals from the Land of the Sun! Even introducing us to Yami’s kid sister, Ichika Yami! With the chapter leaving off on a hint for Asta’s new training fans are understandably excited for the next chapter. Sadly, however, there is none as the series is on a short break this week!

Hold on! Just because the manga is on break doesn’t mean that we don’t have any info regarding the upcoming chapter. We still have the new release date as well as a recap as to what went down in the latest chapter. We have all of this and more, so be sure to read on!

Chapter 338 Recap

Since there’s no new chapter this week there are no spoilers to jump into, hence no reason to do a recap, but let’s still go over what happened in chapter 338. For those unlike myself who may have forgotten.

Chapter 338, titled, “The Details of Journeying Through Foreign Land” starts off with the Shogun, Ryuudou Ryuuya (revealed to be Yami’s childhood friend), reassuring Asta that Lucius can’t reach him here and answering a few questions. After chatting casually for a while and being scolded by what seems to be Ryuuya’s assistant or second in command, the trio decides to go on a short sightseeing tour.

Though amazed by what he sees and how different it all is, Asta’s shock and awe are cut short when a group of bandits burst through a wall, stirring up trouble.

Immediately Asta looks to jump in but is surprised to see Ryuudou already at the scene with Ichika, the Shogun’s assistant stepping in! Presumably using his eye Ryuudou foresaw the attack and leapt forward to save some civilians, however, shockingly when going to fight off the bandits the Shogun apologizes telling them he doesn’t actually have any sorcery powers. Instead, Ichika jumps forward to fight, something that surprises Asta. But perhaps what surprises him further is that this Ichika defeats all four bandits with one attack and one that seems to have used dark magic or, as it is called in this country sorcery.

It’s after the bandit’s defeat that two important things are revealed. The first is that Ichika’s Ki spikes suddenly during her attack, something that shouldn’t be possible and obviously amazes Asta! But even more shocking is the fact that Ichika is Captain Yami’s kid sister! Not only that but Yami is the family’s last name! Leaving us to wonder did Yami, or as we now know him Sukehiro, purposefully give his last name or if was it a mix-up between cultures that the captain never bothered to fix. Regardless it gives us something to think about whilst we wait for the now delayed chapter!

Chapter 339 Spoilers

As you can probably tell, chapter 339’s spoilers are currently not released yet, nor will the chapter be. This is of course because the manga is on break, hence meaning, there is nothing to be leaked. The manga is expected to be back on track for next week, Sunday, October 2nd, 2022. Meaning that chapter 339’s spoilers and leaks await us, till next week.

Release Date

The upcoming chapter was originally scheduled to release as usual this Sunday. However, as stated the manga has been delayed this week, most likely to give the staff a very well-deserved break. The release date for the delayed chapter is now expected to be October 2nd, 2022.

Where To Read

You can read Black Clover officially and for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. Of course, you can also read the series through the recently launched Manga Plus app. Please try to read the series officially, as this supports both the author and allows them to create more stories.

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We will be back next week with even more Black Clover content so stay tuned till then!

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