Black Clover: Asta Finally Meets Captain Yami’s Family

Black Clover’s final arc is at its peak as Asta is looking to take down Lucius, who wounded Asta badly in their first face-off. Not only that, but one of Asta’s childhood friends, Sister Lily’s soul, has been altered, becoming the first victim of Lucius’ grand plan for humanity, and she now sides with the time devil, Lucius. If getting badly wounded was not enough for Asta, seeing Sister Lily in this state must have broken Asta’s heart.

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Following Lucius’ attack on the Clover kingdom, specifically Asta, the boy finds himself in Captain Yami’s home country, The Land of the Sun! How he got there and why? Well, no one knows yet. But we do have plenty of theories that can answer that question!

Regardless of the circumstances, Asta now finds himself in a faraway land with no way back home and after nearly being killed by Lucius, does he even have the power to return?! Seeking his power upgrade “right here, right now” within the Land of the Sun looks to be Asta’s latest goal! And hey, with the help of the country’s shogun and Captain Yami’s little sister, it might be possible!

Yes, you read that right, Captain Yami’s younger sister! We’ve got all the juicy details, complete explanations and more just below! Oh, and of course, spoiler warning as we will be getting into some of the latest chapters of Black Clover and more!

Yami’s Childhood Friend

After supposedly dying at the hands of Sister Lily’s spacial magic spell, Asta has woken up to find himself in a strange room with an equally strange man.

After a brief explanation of what happened and where he is, Asta now understands and remembers everything, but like many of us are surprised, he is too, that how did he found his way to the Land of Sun, the home country of Captain Yami. I was surprised like many fans; I expected to see the hero in hell!

Picking up from chapter 338 of Black Clover, the new chapter starts with the Shogun, Ryuudou Ryuuya (revealed to be Yami’s childhood friend), reassuring Asta that Lucius can’t reach him here and answering a few questions. After chatting casually for a while and being scolded by what seems to be Ryuuya’s assistant or second in command, the trio decides to go on a short sightseeing tour.

Though amazed by what he sees, Asta’s shock and awe are cut short when a group of bandits burst through a wall, stirring up trouble.

Immediately Asta looks to jump in but is surprised to see Ichika, the Shogun’s assistant step in! What surprises him further is that this Ichika defeats all four bandits with one attack and one that seems to have used dark magic or, as it is called in this country sorcery.

Its here that two important things are revealed. The first is that Ichika’s Ki spikes suddenly during her attack, which amazes Asta! But even more shocking is the fact that Ichika is Captain Yami’s kid sister!

Yami’s Kid Sister

Asta’s sudden arrival in the Land of Sun has revealed more about Captain Yami himself than anything else. I mean, right off the bat, we’ve met not only Yami’s childhood friend, Ryuuya Ryuudou but also his kid sister!

Did you know Yami isn’t even the magic captain’s real name? As was revealed by his sister, Yami is actually the family’s last name. Meaning that Yami’s first name is actually Sukehiro.

This leaves us to wonder, did Yami, or as we now know him, Sukehiro, purposefully lie about his name? Or was it just a mix-up amongst cultures that the captain was just too lazy to correct?

This revelation could also hint that Sukehiro (Yami) might be hiding more within his past. His explanation of how he ended up in the Clover Kingdom always felt lacking… With Sukehiro being childhood friends with the current Shogun and his younger sister supposedly serving him, there is definitely more of a story to be told here. One we can’t wait to see in future installments of Yuuki Tabata’s Black Clover series!

Where To Read

You can read Black Clover officially and for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. Of course, you can also read the series through the recently launched Manga Plus app.

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