Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Confirmed Following Season 4 Finale

After the final episode of the popular TV anime “Bungo Stray Dogs” Season 4, fans can rejoice as the production of Season 5 has been officially confirmed. The series, based on the original work by Asagiri Kafka, Bungo Stray Dogs is set to return to the screens in July 2023 with season 5.

The key visual and the first PV have already been unveiled in anticipation of the new season.

The newly released PV showcases Nakajima Atsushi and his companions struggling to find a way out as the leader of Tengen Gosei, Kamui, threatens the Armed Detective Agency.

The key visual, designed by character designer and chief animation director Nobuhiro Arai, presents a large-scale image of Armed Detective Agency president Fukuzawa Yukichi and Hunting Dogs captain Fukuchi Ouchi locked in intense combat. In the forefront, Nakajima Atsushi, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, and the back of Edogawa Ranpo are depicted.

Asagiri Kafka, the creator of the series, expressed his excitement for the upcoming season, saying, “What, really? The fifth? Is it a long-running anime?! That’s right. Thanks to everyone’s love, ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ has entered the long-running zone. However, the content is still full of heart-pounding, roller-coaster-like stories with no respect for the elderly. Please check your seat belts.”

Streaming platform Crunchyroll provides a synopsis of the series as follows: “Kicked out of his orphanage and on the verge of starving to death, Nakajima Atsushi meets some strange men. One of them, Dazai Osamu, is a suicidal man attempting to drown himself in broad daylight. The other, bespectacled Kunikida Doppo, nervously stands by flipping through a notepad. Both are members of the “Armed Detective Agency” said to solve incidents that even the military and police won’t touch. Atsushi ends up accompanying them on a mission to eliminate a man-eating tiger that’s been terrorizing the population…”

Debuting in April 2016, the first TV anime adaptation of “Bungo Stray Dogs” was streamed on Crunchyroll as it aired in Japan. The second season, which consisted of 12 episodes, followed from October to December 2016, with Crunchyroll continuing to stream the show. A collaboration between Funimation and Crunchyroll saw the series released on home video, including an English dub. The third season premiered in April 2019 and was made available for streaming on both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The anime film, “Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple,” hit Japanese theatres in March 2018. Crunchyroll added the film to its streaming platform in September 2018, with Funimation following suit in June 2019.

Since its launch in Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine in December 2012, the manga has been published in English by Yen Press, who also published the novel series. The manga is still being serialized, keeping fans engaged with the ongoing story.

With the announcement of Season 5, fans eagerly await the continuation of the story and the thrilling adventures of the Armed Detective Agency.

Source: ANN

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