Chainsaw Man Anime Will Have 12 Ending Songs, Artists Revealed

During a special screening event of first two Chainsaw Man anime episodes, new information about the series has been revealed including a new trailer. Chainsaw Man anime will have a total of 12 episodes, with every episode having a totally different ending song, done by a different music artist every time. 12 different ending songs for anime is unheard of until now.

chainsaw man ending songs

The ending theme song, and the artists are as follows:

  • “Katagiri 2-oku centimeter” by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE
  • “ALL KINDS OF KISSES” by ano
  • “Fight Song” by eve
  • “Deep Down” by Aimer
  • “Rendezvous” by Kanaria
  • “In the Back Room” by syudou
  • “Violence” by QUEEN BEE
  • “Time Left” by ZUTOMAYO
  • “First death” by TK from Ling tosite sigure
  • “Tablet” by TOOBOE
  • “CHAINSAW BLOOD” by Vaundy

Most of the anime fans will know of Aimer who sung the opening song for Demon Slayer season 2. Eve is another popular artist who is known in the anime community for their Jujutsu Kaisen opening song called “Kai Kai Kitan”.

Toru Kitajima, better known as TK from Ling tosite sigure is a popular artist, know for Tokyo Ghoul opening “Unravel” which is considered one of the best anime opening up to this day. QUEEN BEE is known for Tokyo Ghoul: re ending song titled “Half”, and Dororo opening song.

Vaundy is known for Ousama 2nd cour opening song, and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE is known for Death Note 2nd opening song.

Opening theme song for Chainsaw Man anime will be performed by Kenshi Yonezu, who is known for My Hero Academia season 2 opening song titled “Peace Sign”.

Now many fans might be wondering, why there are 12 different ending songs. According to Chainsaw Man anime director, he asked all his favourite song artists take part in this project.

I can finally follow a lot of artists and casts…! I was able to ask only the people I love, so please look forward to each OP/ED and the characters that will appear in the future!

Via Chainsaw Man director Twitter

Chainsaw Man anime is based on the manga of the same name, written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto who began publishing the manga in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since December 2018.

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