Chainsaw Man Chapter 146: What To Expect and Release Date

Chainsaw Man is known for its crazy characters and impeccable world-building. After leaving fans on a crucial cliffhanger, the series went on a short hiatus of one week. And now, Chainsaw Man has returned with a new chapter, that is 145.

Chainsaw Man chapter 146

In the last chapter, we were introduced to a new character in the manga series that surprisingly resembled Nobara Kugisaki from Jujutsu Kaisen.

The atrocities of Chainsaw Man church got shut down before they could even proceed with them by the efforts of Public Safety.

The totality of Chainsaw Man church gets charged for treason with their hidden weapons in the basement, and Public Safety puts all of them in solitary. But Public Safety is also planning to capture Asa Mitaka, a.k.a. the war devil, and put her in custody.

Chainsaw Man chapter 146 will be the next installment of the series and is scheduled for October 17, 2023. Until the chapter releases, here are some sequences to expect from the upcoming chapter.

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Asa Mitaka’s Awakening

The moment of anticipation is finally here. Chapter 145 of the series ended yet again on a cliffhanger, with Public Safety arriving at Asa’s home to arrest her. Yoshida arrives and cuts down both of her arms to refrain her from using her devil.

But this is not enough to stop the War Devil from being summoned out of her free will. This gives her the perfect chance to take control of her host and use it at maximum potential.

In the next chapter, we might see the War Devil take full advantage of this moment and berserk on Public Safety.

Barem’s Maximum Potential

In the current chapter, after the entirety of Chainsaw Man church and their wicked plans are caught, Barem is now also under the custody of Public Safety.

But as soon as he gets caught, he begins chanting something, beginning with ‘Kumbaya.’

In the next chapter, it might be possible that Barem’s chant is a war cry, and he is trying to summon a much more potent demon.

Barem is definitely a much more powerful individual than he looks, as he was one of the devils who fought the Hell Devil in the first part of the series, the Flamethrower Devil.

Chainsaw Man chapter 146 will be released on October 17, 2023, and will be available to read on the Viz Media website and Manga Plus app.

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