Complete Story of One Piece Film Red & Release Date

One Piece film Red, released in Japan on August 6, has been doing good business at the box office, and the spoilers for One Piece Red are already out, revealing the complete story of the film. Since the film’s international release is still a few months away, we have gathered the complete story of the film through various resources.

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Remember that there will be One Piece film Red spoilers ahead, so if you are still waiting to watch the film in the cinema, here is your warning.

Story Before One Piece Red

One Piece film Red centers around Shanks’ daughter, Uta, who has eaten Uta Uta fruit, allowing her to transport people’s consciousnesses to another world.

Episodes 1029 and 1030 of the One Piece TV series will be a prologue to the Film Red. In episode 1029, we learn that Uta was the musician of the Red Hair Pirates when she was just 9 years old. The Red Hair Pirates visit the Goa Kingdom, where Luffy lives, and Luffy meets Uta and Shanks for the first time.

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Credit: Toei Animation

Luffy is only 7 years old right now. Though Luffy and Uta don’t match vibes at the start when they meet, eventually, they start to understand each other and become friends. Later, they spend time on the Island together and become best friends. Both of them promise to fulfill their dreams one day.

One Piece Red Complete Story

The story follows “Uta,” who was abandoned by Shanks, and she now wants to create a world where no one has to be sad. So, she invites everyone to her concert on an island and sings them a song that puts everyone in an everlasting dream (Just like the Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto Shippuden), alongside the Straw Hats.

The only way to break this dream is for Uta to fall asleep herself or else everyone will go into eternal slumber. Uta eats a specific mushroom which helps her stay awake, but it makes her go mad, as time passes. After hearing this news, the World Government sends Cobby and Helmeppo (members of the SWORD association), alongside a grand fleet, to take this matter into control. Blueno also comes alongside them as a CP0 agent. But unfortunately, they also fall prey to Uta’s song. In her frenzy, Uta even attacks a World Noble. Inside the dream, Coby and the Straw Hats start to look for a way out.

Uta One Piece red story

They find out that the only way out of this dream is to make Uta awaken an ancient monster that will connect both the real and the dream world. But this monster must simultaneously be destroyed from the real and the dream world to free everyone.

Admirals Kizaru and Fujitora and their soldiers are also in the real world, a distance away from the concert. Shanks enter to help Uta after hearing this news, but as Uta is in a frenzy because of the mushroom, she also attacks Shanks. Uta releases the ancient monster into the real world to destroy everything.

Some Big Mom Pirates are also present at the scene (Katakuri in the real world, and Brulee, Oven, etc in the dream world) who want to kidnap Uta for her Devil Fruit Powers. Now, to beat the monster from both outside and inside the dream, there has to be a connection.

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Usopp awakens his Observation Haki and connects with Yasopp’s Observation Haki. This helps them stay coordinated in both worlds. Ultimately, Shanks from the real and Luffy from the dream world destroy the monster simultaneously, with the help of Usopp’s and Yasopp’s instructions.

But now, Uta is about to die, and she has not released everyone from the dream. So, she risks her life by releasing everyone first, and then Shanks gives her a medicine that will help her sleep and she dies. The Admirals try to capture Uta as her power is dangerous, but they get scared of Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki and leave. In the end, the Straw Hats and Red Hair Pirates leave the Island, and Luffy again does not meet Shanks even though they were at the same place (A Classic Oda Move).

The movie’s only downfall, which fans reported, was the absurd number of songs and their sequence, which seemed forced in a Shounen Movie.

Power-ups Used In One Piece Red

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  • Shanks uses Conqueror’s Haki to scare the Admirals when they try to capture Uta.
  • Ben Beckman fights Kizaru again, just like in Marineford, and even uses Haki this time.
  • Yasopp uses Observation Haki to connect with the dream world. His Observation Haki is so strong that Katakuri comes nowhere near him (we know Katakuri as the strongest Observation Haki User until now in the series).
  • Zoro uses Conqueror’s Haki (just like in Wano).
  • Sanji uses Ifrit Jambei (just like in Wano).
  • Luffy uses Gear 5 for an instance. (Just like at the end of Wano)

Information Revealed About Red Hair Pirates

A special book was handed out to the movie watchers after the One Piece Red premiere (only in Japan cinemas exclusively) named “One Piece Volume 4 billion” which contained information about the Red Hair Pirates and many new things. Some of the information which was in it was:

one piece red hair pirates

Shanks: He was found in a treasure chest by Roger and Rayleigh. It was the same chest that Roger stole during the God Valley incident. He was only 1-year-old at that time. The bounty of Shanks at the age of 12 was 1.04 billion berries, and he was known as “The Killer of Color of Observation Haki” as he didn’t let his enemy use Observation Haki to see a few seconds in the future. According to the Five Elders, he belongs to the “Fearland Family”, which is considered a Family of Celestial Dragons.

Uta: Shanks found her in a chest, just like Roger found him. The Five Elders also think of Uta as a member of the Fearland Family, which confirms her link with Shanks.

Red Hair Pirates: Ben Beckman uses rifles and can even shoot Haki bullets. His Haki is amazing and popular among women, and he loves this treatment. Yasopp is the sniper, and he never misses his target. Roo is the cook and has a pretty good Haki, although he is not good at handling women.

Bonk Punch and Monster are the musicians and they both have monstrous strength. Limejuice is a fighter who fights in the air like Sanji. Hongo is a doctor who is very good at dismantling weapons. Building Snake is the navigator and a sword user. He is quite good at defense and uses a two-sword style. Howling Gab is also a fighter who attacks with cutting howling and Rockstar is another sword-user who uses his “smashing-sword style” and has a strong sense of justice.

One Piece Film Red Release Date

Crunchyroll is bringing the One Piece film Red to the US in Fall (October-December), although the exact release date is yet to be announced.

Thanks to the efforts of the anime distributor Odex, One Piece Film: Red will be released in Singapore on September 29th. The Philippine premiere of One Piece Film: Red will begin with a fan screening on September 17 and 18. In Indonesia, a fan screening of One Piece Red will take place from September 16 to 18.

Meanwhile, One Piece Film: Red will be released in Hong Kong on August 25 with both Japanese and Cantonese dubs. One Piece Film: Red will be released in Italy in autumn 2022 but the exact release date is yet to be announced.

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